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Jun 10, 2008 07:44 AM

Jersey Boys Broadway show - dinner

I am going to the Jersey Boys show on July 2nd, and am looking for a dinner suggestion after the show. I am open to all cuisines and prices for this meal.

Any good spots near the August Wilson Theater?

Thanks in advance for your tips.

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  1. Foodie, you may want to try Saigon 48 (48th and 8th Avenue) for Vietnamese/Chinese. Their prices are good and the portions are huge. I like the food a lot, I eat lunch there at least once a week. A little further away on 9th Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets is Bali Nusa Indah which is an excellent Indonesian restaurant. Small, but I love the food and the staff is very friendly and accomodating. For Greek, try Uncle Nick's on 9th Avenue (I think that is between 49th and 50th but am not 100% sure). Enjoy your show.

    1. Etcetera Etcetera on W. 44th is very solid Italian. The service was fantastic and very attentive when we ate there, and it's a relaxed atmosphere. They also have a prix fixe menu at dinner time for $35. Becco on W. 46th is also nice before a show, they have a good wine list and excellent pastas. It's nice to sit upstairs there.

      1. Thanks very much for those suggestions. They all sound so good.

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          We went to Patsy's on w. 56th street after Jersey Boys...Their solid Italian American food and ambiance fit the Jersey Boys vibe nicely...

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            We went to Insieme prior to Jersey Boys; within walking distance. Blend of traditional/contemporary takes on cucina Italiana. Good wine list.

        2. Thanks again for the wonderful suggestions. I really am looking forward to the show and the meal. I will report back on my experiences.

          Thank you all!