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Jun 10, 2008 07:40 AM

Best craft/microbrew selections in Baltimore (not Brewers Art)

Wondering what other places in Bmore have a large selection of craft or microbrews, local preferred. I will be stopping at Brewers Art again but other places would be appreciated.
I'll be staying in the Inner Harbor area but have no problem driving around for a good selection. I heard something about Red Brick Station (?) in White Marsh?

Also, what local stores have the biggest retail selections of brews? I'm hoping to pick up some brews that maybe I can't get in NY state.

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  1. Eek! Skip Red Brick Station!!! I'd say head to Max's in Fells Point. They just had a craft beer fest last month, beer list is on their website.
    Red Star has some beers you won't find in every bar. Both are close to the harbor

    Beltway liquors has a good selection of beers and you can make a six pack if you wish.

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      Thanks! Any idea what beers Red Star carries? I see no mention of brews on their site, sadly.

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        they rotate selections I believe, but you'll find most of the clipper city brews there, belgians, etc. sorry I can't be of more help. max's is a short walk away so if you stop in one you can always head to the other and one will be sure to please!

    2. Duda's in Fells Point has a really nice selection.

      1. Hands down, Mahaffey's Pub in Canton

        As for buying beer, I would try The Wine Source in Hampden and Beltway Fine Wine out near Towson.

        1. Metropolitan Coffee House and Wine Bar in Federal Hill... excellent craft beer, some local and some not. Check out their website, not sure what day..but they have some nice specials and beer tastings every week.

          1. I second the Max's rec. Great beer selection, both on tap and in bottles.

            The Wine Source in Hampden has a really good carry out selection. I've been getting Hugh Sisson's 12 pack sampler of the Heavy Seas line. All of them have been great so far. Try the Red Sky at Night if you can find it locally on tap.

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              Red Sky at Night is one of my favorites. We actually get Clipper City up here on tap. I'm doing the tour of their brewery on Saturday.