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Jun 10, 2008 07:31 AM

Monday dinner.

I have poured through so many threads on here trying to decide where to go for a dinner on Monday, but now I'm just going to ask for help.
The first obstacle is finding a restaurant that is open Monday.
The second is finding somewhere to fit the bill.
I would like somewhere fairly intimate, preferably French (inspired, at least) and that can accommodate my mother who eats fish but no meat. Bring your own wine would be nice, but not necessary. I would like to spend about $50/person.
I loved P'tit Plateau when I went, but it's closed Mondays.

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  1. I like Le Bleu Raisin ( but maybe someone else can confirm if it's open on Mondays because I'm not certain. This is a byow.

    *edited to fix typo in the url

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      Though their website doesn't say so (and the number of resto websites that don't include this basic piece of information is simply amazing), they're closed on Sundays and Mondays.

    2. The top BYO places are all closed but the situation's certainly better than it used to be:

      Les Infidèles
      and maybe À l'os

      1. Les Trois Petits Bouchons is open Mondays. Not BYOB, but should fit your other criteria.

        1. Thank you so much for your help! I am now trying to decide between
          Les Infidels and O Thym if anybody has any deciding remarks, I'm all ears.

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            I have a slight preference for Les Infideles, but I find both of these places fairly equivalent. You'll have a very nice meal at both! You could even decide based on location...

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              You could also go to Decca77 - they have excellent fish and prix fixe three course dinner for $35.

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                I took my parents to Psarotaverna Du Symposium because my father loves grilled fish and it was really good. It's not BYOB but they offered us a few nice Greek white wines and even wrote the SAQ codes down for us. Open on Mondays and you can sit outside on the terrace. Oh, not French though, forgot that part of your quest. I was just obsessing on fish.

              2. hi, new-ish poster here, I had the same dilemna a couple of weeks ago...where to take my from-out-of-town-non-meat-but-fish/seafood ok-eating parents on a monday night. I thought I had copped out a bit when I decided on Laloux, but I have to say it was excellent. I've always been a fan but you know how at some places on mondays you sometimes get the impression that the food is a bit of an afterthought, regular kitchen staff are not in, the place is empty and no atmosphere? Not a hint of any of that. Food, service, wine recs were great, room pleasantly buzzing but not packed. My mother doesn't drink and father only had a glass of wine so it not being BYOB didn't stretch the budget too much. Oh and my dad is a total grumpy old man why-is-the-music-so-loud kinda guy but he was all smiles at Laloux. And one more thing, if you haven't tried it I'd seriously recommend the white cheese-course wine, think its Jura but could be very wrong (isn't that a scotch?). Sommelier will know.
                All that said....went to Les Infideles but not on a monday...that was great too.

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                  «And one more thing, if you haven't tried it I'd seriously recommend the white cheese-course wine, think its Jura but could be very wrong (isn't that a scotch?).»

                  Besides being an island off the west coast of Scotland, the Jura is also a region in eastern France about 80 km east of Burgundy and on the border with Switzerland. (The region's geology is the source of the term Jurassic.) The wines are little known, sometimes weird and often wonderful. Laloux has three Jura whites on its list, two Chardonnays, both of them quite good, and a fine vin jaune, a nutty-tasting oxidized wine. If your cheese course involved Comté, there's a good chance the wine was the vin jaune.