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Jun 10, 2008 07:29 AM

Besides Lodge, who makes a good cast iron skillet?

I need to get a 10" cast iron skillet. I already have a Lodge but was noticing on Good Eats last night that Alton's cast iron skillet had a curved handle, similar to the All-Clad style which is easier for me to hang on to.

Anyone have any idea who makes it or other suggestions?

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  1. Actually, I just found what I was looking for. It is made by Lodge

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      I own the 10" Lodge Pro-Logic skillet. I just want to warn you that the actual cooking surface area of the pan seems very small to me--significantly smaller than my other 10" skillets. I don't own any of the regular Lodge Logic skillets, but it looks like they have more sharply sloped sides, hence possibly a larger diameter cooking surface. Maybe someone here owns both and can compare. If this is true, I wish I'd bought the regular Logic 10", or else the Pro-Logic 12", because the cooking surface of mine is too small to be useful for a lot of things. The design of the Pro-Logic is nice--just be prepared for the bottom diameter to be significantly smaller than the overall pan diameter.

    2. Depends how hard you want to try. I have a set of Hoyang cast iron that I use all the time. Hoyang? I bought is in Norway almost 30 years ago. The cast iron fry pans and sauce pot all have mahogany handles w/ brass knobs; very classy. The surfaces come machined very smooth (makes Lodge and Chinese pans look like a teen w/ bad acne.). Go to and then go to the section (You don't happen to read Norwegian do you?) labeled Brassierie.
      Lukke til

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        I bet the shipping costs would be a little excessive!

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          Remember truth is beauty and beauty is truth, that is all ye need to know. I've had mine for 30 years and it is soooo beautiful and cooks so well, that is the truth. Ground shipping?

      2. What about out of production cast ironware like Griswold or McLary? There seems to be a fair amout of Griswold on eBay. Smooth/good? What else is there to chose from other than the cool sounding (but now out of production) Hoyang? I really like the idea of a machine-finished surface!
        All I have is "no-name" skillets and a Lodge Dutch oven and griddle.
        About buying more: Would these all work well with an induction stove? What if they have a "smoke ring" or non-flat bottom?

        1. I would suggest scouring garage sales, flea markets, vintage shops, vintage cookware shops, and Ebay. Look for Griswold or Lodge if you're on Ebay. I found what is now a shiny, black, beautifully seasoned 8 inch skillet two years ago at a Goodwill. It was greasy and rusty. I scoured and re-seasoned it (easy to find instructions on the web or on this site), and I am so in love with it.