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Jun 10, 2008 07:20 AM

Seafood restaurant in DC

I'm in DC for one night and I'm looking for a great seafood restaurant by the water preferably. Price range for entrees is between $20-$30. Doesn't need to be trendy. Would refer something not too loud. Any suggestions?

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  1. There's a dearth of good water-side restaurants in this town.

    The best seafood places IMO are Blacksalt and Oceanaire. Neither of them are near the water, and probably aren't in that price range (Oceanaire for sure isn't).

    1. There are places on the waterfront in Georgetown, but I wouldn't recommend them for the food. The typical suggestion is to have a drink there, and then eat someplace else. You may hear about Phillips, which is on the water in Southwest and has an all you can eat buffet, but it is a tourist trap that caters to the tour bus crowd.

      1. Try Kinkeads at 20th & Pennsylvania. It is on the expensive side but I think you could find entrees within your price range. I have been there several times and the food has always been very good. Another place is DC Coast at 14th & K . Their mussels are to die for. The best raw bar in DC, in my opinion, is at the Old Ebbit Grill. Love their oysters. Kinkeads also has a raw bar and although it's good I prefer the Old Ebbit.
        Agree with comments on the restaurants (Tony & Joe's, Riverside Grill, Sequoia) on the Georgetown waterfront. They are great for drinks and you can't beat the view but the seafood is mediocre. Avoid Friday and Saturday nights there when that area becomes a beach house bar for all those unable to escape the city

        1. Consider giving up the waterfront idea if you'd like great seafood. On 17th, get to Hank's Oyster Bar. Another option would be Hook, in Georgetown - you can walk down to the water after dinner, if you'd like. They can veer toward loud, but if you're there during the week, then it shouldn't be bad.

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            I second Hank's they had good softshell crabs (although I thought they battered it a little heavy) and great mac and cheese and soy/miso glazed something that fiance had was really good. Although it might be pushing your price range as you have to order sides, but I found them big enough for sharing. Fiance and I split mac and cheese and fries.

            I also second Hook, although it won't be in that price range unless you just order entrees and I think their portions are such that you probably want a starter (probably nothing in DC would, except maybe Tackle Box and Old Ebbitt happy hour raw bar).

            I have never been thrilled with Oceanaire after a few bad experiences and absolutely awful sides. In that price range I would rather go to Kinkeads, Hook, or try BlackSalt as I haven't yet, but hear good things.

          2. Sea Catch. It's on the canal. Free parking. Nice atmosphere. Order soup, a sandwich and a salad.