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Jun 10, 2008 07:17 AM

just a Breakfast Burrito, that's all.

Although I realize the "mexican" food here, in S. Brooklyn, is few and far between, all I'm looking for is the Holy Grail of breakfast. It comes in many forms, and is easy to assemble, and is very portable, but, definitely scarce. The breakfast burrito: Eggs, beans, potatoes, cilantro and onion, occasionally cheese, and if wanted, some form of meat. Add Cholula, and no meal is needed until dinner. If fast food chains can carry it, why can't my corner spot make it? Please lead me.....

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  1. i think naidre's in carroll gardens (hmm. and park slope) makes a breakfast burrito. i've never ordered one, so i can't speak for the quality or authenticity. my guess is that it falls below on both marks.

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      I love their breakfast burritos - and you can ask them to add other stuff you might want - also I think Buddys burritos has breakfast options now.

    2. Nectar on Court Street in Cobble Hill has a nice breakfast burrito. I believe you can get it with bacon or chorizo.