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Jun 10, 2008 07:15 AM

Coming back to DC...

Hey, all -- I'll be visiting DC for an extended weekend this upcoming weekend after having moved away about 6-7 months ago. I'm trying to pick a place for dinner Saturday night. Old Town would be the preference, but can do DC in a pinch. Price point, moderate to moderately expensive (i.e., Tasting Room at Eve is out). I confess I haven't kept up with the DC food scene since I've been away, so I need your advice!

The one limitation is no Southern -- I moved to Charleston, SC, and we get good New Southern food, but that's about it down here. Looking for something I can't really get down here.

TIA for all your help!

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  1. I would suggest the Majestic, Vermillion, or the Bistro at Eve (all in Old Town, all good).

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      The Majestic would be my recommendation as well. They do American classics really well...delicious food! Plus its a vibrant neighborhood atmosphere without being trendy. I would recommend making reservations though since it can get pretty crowded.

      A back up plan would be Hank's Oyster Bar, for great New England style seafood.

    2. I just went to Vermillion on a Saturday night. Many menu items could be ordered as entrees or appetizers, so we had 6 appetizers including clams and squid ink pasta, veal sweetbread, pan seared trout, scallops and pork belly, 4 cheese ravioli, and charcuterie platter. We also ordered a 5 brownie tasting for desert. With a bottle of wine ($30 or so), I think it was $150 with tip. Other restaurants that I would try but haven't been are: Farrah Olivia, Majestic, Bastille. I did go to Daniel O'Connell - go for a pint but not to eat.

      1. Evening Star is really good with a phonebook of a wine list, reasonable prices, but not in old town...

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          Oooo another good suggestion. I always forget about Evening Star (probably because I don't make it out to Old Town that often) but I had an excellent meal there once. They had a deliciouos risotto and a great pork chop if I remember correctly

        2. I had totally forgotten about Evening Star. A nice, casual place, and a good possibility.

          To jaydreb, Elyssa, and Ericandblueboy -- do you think Majestic's or Vermilion's menus have a Southern flair? I had thought of both of those, but that was a concern of mine.

          Thanks for all your help.

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          1. re: msbo78

            Certainly not with anything I tried at Vermillion. If anything, there's a leaning towards Italian cooking and the use of fresh pasta.

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              I wouldn't say Majestic is Southern. They might have a slight southern influence but I view it more "Classic American Done Right!" For example they serve meatloaf but its grilled and delicious. They take classics and do them in a special, certainly non-boring way.

              There might be some Southern items on the menu but its not necassarily a Southern-influenced restaurant. You should also keep in mind that the restaurants is in VA, so that might be where some of the Southern style items come from.

              I can't speak for Vermillion since I've never been there.

            2. I would ditto Majestic, primarily because you haven't tried it since Chef Armstrong of Eve took it over and revitalized the menu. A month or so ago, I ate there and had the best liver and onions I've ever had.

              Also, Del Merei Grill on Mt. Vernon Ave. Great menu with a *slight* southern flair, but I recommend it for the riff on the Vienna Inn chili dog. I think it's only available at the bar, but the Chef's wife is the granddaughter of the Abraham family that opened the Vienna Inn about 50 years ago. They actually use the Vienna Inn's chili, but broil the hot dog instead of steaming it in beer. And they use a potato bun instead of the tired old white bread bun. Other than that, it's a tribute to the Vienna Inn.