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Jun 10, 2008 06:45 AM

La Cocina de Consuelo: not very friendly but food good

too bad that people who just open a business don't have the greatest customer service! i never understand that! the tacos (i always get them on corn) are yummy and they actually have different ingredients like nopalitos; but for a breakfast taco it's a bit pricy

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  1. I go here all the time, and they're always incredibly nice.

    They don't have breakfast tacos -- they're breakfast burritos. Much bigger than a breakfast taco, hence the bigger price. They're my favorite in town.

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    1. re: heyhigirl

      They are pricey, but as heyhigirl says, the breakfast tacos are pretty grande by breakfast taco standards. Homemade tortillas to boot (at least the flour ones are homemade, I have never tried the other types). FYI: closed Saturday, and they only serve breakfast tacos until 11am.

      One thing that kind of irks me is that they are stingy with the salsa--you get one per taco. Extras are 75 cents each, for a tiny little salsa cup thingy.

      1. re: cstrombe

        I was at Los Pinos the last Sunday, and they were preparing all of those little cups of salsa for the next day. I was noticing how much time it took to do that...first they have to make the salsa, and it is probably made in house at La Cocina de Consuelo (salsa is commonly $3-4 per jar at the supermarket).

        1. re: rudeboy

          At 75 cents per ounce (approx), a jar of Consuelo's salsa would run you $15 at the store! I guess I'm used to the Tamale House on Airport--house made salsa, you fill your own cups, no limit. (Ditto at Taco Cabana, now that I think of it).

          1. re: cstrombe

            Yeah, good point. I guess because the tacos are pretty big, you really need more than one ounce!

            1. re: cstrombe

              i agree--tamale house rocks! no limit on the salsa and ridiculously cheap!

              1. re: hungryfoodie

                Oooh, I've been meaning to check out Tamale House... thank you for the reminder. :)

                1. re: heyhigirl

                  I have to admint I do not get the love for Tamale House. I live very close to there and never go anymore. I am all for a good greasy spoon now and then but that place is downright filthy. Yeah, the salsa is free and good, but the hygeine level of the place just skeeves me out too much. When a place is that cheap, they are skimping on something. In this case it's surely poor ingredients and obviously not bothering to have enough staff to clean up now and then.

                  1. re: chub512

                    You're right they're skimping on something, although I'm not sure its hygiene. As they proudly announce above on a sign above the (free!) salsa bar, in rhyme no less, they eschew A/C because, alas, they would have to pass along the costs to us, their skinflint-y clientele. That's called sacrifice.

          1. re: heyhigirl

            That's weird, they are always super friendly to me. I personally don't care for their breakfast tacos (they actually have both burritos and tacos), but their dinner and lunch selections are great.

          2. I ate here once. I thought the people were exceedingly friendly, but that was about the only thing the palce had going for it. Otherwise I found the menu small and the food mediocre. It was for lunch. I had the Mole, and sampled the green enchiladas. These are two things I can and do make similar or better at home. I liked the nopalito salad as an option, but it wasn't special.

            I appreciate to the menu did eschew tex-mex for the most part, and that the cute paint job and location make it acceptable to some picky eater I know. I'd counsel Consuelo to cook up better food, though.

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