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Jun 10, 2008 06:11 AM

One night in Bangor - Lobster?

Myself and 7 others are stopping off in Bangor for one night before starting a multi-night canoe trip. I have searched the board for restaurants in Bangor and the pickings seem slim. I take note of Ichiban, Cafe Nouveau, Bangor Wine and Cheese, and Seadog. However, we were really eager to get a good Maine Lobster dinner on our one night not camping. Any thoughts? What about the Muddy Rudder, would that fit the bill?

We are also looking for a good pub/bar to throw back several local microbrews. Our fallback at the moment is the Seadog. If anyone has any suggestions for a good/great local pub (and even better if it serves good food), I would be delighted to hear it.


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  1. You can get lobster at the Muddy Rudder, across the bridge in Brewer. It's walkable to/from Sea Dog Brewing Co. There's also a place out by the airport, Capt. Nick's. Can't tell you which (if either) is the better choice for lobster.

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    1. re: Mainegal

      Thanks - any thoughts on either the Muddy Rudder or the Seadog? Should I be looking elsewhere?

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        Both are small Maine chains, with their good and not-so-good points. I'd ask locally for current reps on either.

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          The Sea Dog is a brew pub w/ a nice deck, but pub food & no lobster. The Muddy Rudder is typical Maine fried sea food and lobster. If it were I, I'd "refresh myself "on the deck of The Seadog and go across the bridge for my lobster at The Muddy Ruddy Rudder. A popular traditional, local place is Capt'n Nicks on outer Hammond St., very near the airport. Where are you canoing?

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            canoeing the st. croix, I believe. Not sure of our drop-in spot. Its a four day trip, and someone else is planning it.

            Capt'n Nicks sounds like it might fit the bill. "Popular", "traditional" and "local" are just what we are looking for.

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              Read John McPhee's story about canoing the St. John's in Good Measure(?).
              Capt'n Nicks is smaller, locally owned, Muddy Rudder has a river view, if you're lucky.
              Try some Quebecois boudain too while you're here.

      2. I'd recommend Cap'n Nick's if you're just going for the lobster (the rest of the menu isn't particularly exciting). Muddy Rudder is kind of over-priced and I'm not wild about the food. New Moon is a better dining experience than both and the best you'll find in Bangor (I think) but I'm not seeing lobster on their menu right now.

        New Moon Restaurant
        49 Park St, Bangor, ME 04401

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        1. re: apronista

          New Moon looks fantastic - but Im not sure they would be pleased to host 8 guys who just got released from their families for four days. I expect this to be a loud and boozy evening. Any thoughts on a local watering hole other than the Seadog? I dont usually enjoy doing my eating and drinking at chains, but maybe an exception can be made for "small Maine chains".

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            About 1/4 mi from The Sea Dog, which by the way is quite large, on lower Main St. are 3 pubs within easy staggering distance, I mean really close, they are: Whig & Courier, Geaghans, and Paddy Murphy's. I'm a registered Maine sea kayak guide, so enjoy your trip!