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Jun 10, 2008 06:05 AM

Good Italian in Ogunquit?

I'm sad to hear that the Impastable Dream in Ogunquit closed down. Sure, it had a silly name, but I thuoght that the food was decent and I liked the laid-back and somewhat romantic atmosphere.

Now that the Impastable Dream is closed, can anyone suggest another place to get Italian food in Ogunquit? A friend of mine told me about a place that he and his wife loved somewhere in Ogunquit, but they can't remember the name of it. :-)

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  1. I had a very good meal at Angelina's.

    1. Roberto's on Shore Road is quite good. However, the service is slow.

      1. There is a place in Well's ,its right off of Rt1 Take the road to Wells Beach. Its called Varano's its on Mile Rd. ( Also they say that a place called Jullie's is also good. Its on Rt1 in Ogunquit. ( I personal have eaten at Varano's and enjoyed it. Also I have enjoyed Vinny's East Coast Grill which is right on Rt 1 in Ogunquit. ,they serve a decent Italian menu. and there salad dressing in really good. its a pre mixed and as far as I know its the only kind they serve, My wife and I have eaten there at least a dozen times in the last 5 years and have enjoyed it everytime. Hope this helps! Earle Ct.

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            Thats for the information on Julies. I wont plan on going there the end of the month. Earle

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              We drove- by again yesterday. In the building next towhere Julies used to be is a sign"Coming soon . . . .Julies" So the old location is now occupied by the Blue Elephant Thai restaurant and Julies will reopen in a new location. It looks much nicer than the old location.

        1. why would you go to Ogunquit to eat Italian? Try the seafood - lobster is my recommendation (8->

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            Heh, good point, few. :-) But Ogunquit in December (especially when it was 10 degrees like it was last December when we went) isn't quite the seafood destination that it is in the summer. The year before, we also opted against seafood (and again, it was around zero degrees out), going to Five-O after the Prelude for some New American/Mediterranean cuisine. I wasn't all that thrilled by that place, to be honest.

            I hope to get to the area this summer. If I do, I'll probably end up at Barnacle Billy's or the Ogunquit Lobster Pound for seafood (been to both places several times).

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              Five-O isn't an Italian restaurant and I do enjoy the bar food more than the food in the dining room, but they do serve a wonderful bolognese both at the bar and in the dining room!

              The food at Five-O's restaurant next door, Caffe Prego has good pizza. I never had the pasta there, but I did see some dishes pass me by and they looked really good.

          2. Just spent a long weekend in Ogunquit last month...

            Angelina's, Caffe Prego, and Pizza Napoli were all good (I wrote reviews for all of these, they're here somewhere). Angelina's is fine dining, Caffe Prego was more like a bistro, and Pizza Napoli was more like a NY Pizza place but it had much of the same menu as Angelina's, for all that. :)