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Jun 10, 2008 05:59 AM

Thrifty's Ice Cream on the East Coast?

Does anyone know where I can find Thrifty's Chocolate Malted Crunch anywhere on the East Coast? Or if I can buy it and have it shipped out here? My husband is from California and Thrifty's is his favorite ice cream of all time. I want to get it for him for his birthday. Thanks.

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  1. I grew up on Thrifty's Ice Cream. Thrifty's was bought out by Rite Aid (I think it was them) and kept just the Ice Cream. You could contact them about it, but you may be out of luck. It is just normal ice cream. It's really not that special.

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      yes, I've had it - honestly, Im not as impressed as my husband. But its more about the fact that we can't get it here... Thanks for the info.

      1. re: ksherl

        You could have an empty container sent to you, and, secretly, fill it with Safeway or Giant brand ice cream. He won't be able to tell the difference.

        1. re: ChewFun

          If folks can't tell the difference in taste or texture... too bad. Thrifty ice cream, for years, won hands down the most flavorful, richest, creamiest ice cream in the U.S. of A. albeit the cheapest, at the time. Unless the current owners of Thrifty ice cream, Rite-Aid have changed the recipe, it is still the best... besides... I can't take lactose so the cream to milk ratio in thrifty's has another good mark... it doesn't give me a belly ache like all the others... I still have to take lactase enzymes but at least it works with Thrifty's.

          1. re: mmdaddy

            Amen mmdaddy. I feel sorry for those who never had double chocolate malted crunch. I went back to Ca. last month and went to the Diamond Bar Thrifty's that is now a Rite Aid, and they still had the Thrifty's ice cream. It is still the best.

    2. This does not answer your question in the slightest, so I apologize. But if you can't find Thrifty's out here, why not consider one of the local chains out here? Gifford's is a local brand/store (since 1938) that is now available at Harris Teeter and Whole Foods. Their peppermint ice cream was supposedly President Eisenhower's favorite.

      Again, sorry not to help with your original question and hope you don't mind the alternate suggestion.

      1. sorry I can't help - but i remember thrifty's chocolate malted crunch - i've never seen it anywhere else. Their ice cream cones were cheap - like 50 cents? - for a long time. Good luck with your search!

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          When the name was "Double-Chocolate Malted Crunch," it was a nickel a scoop. The only way I could do a double scoop (10c) without it running down my arm was to submit to a brain freeze by wolfing it down.

        2. To answer your question, albeit somewhat late, Thrifty Ice Cream is not distributed on the east coast. On occasion we do send packages back to corporate headquarters at Camp Hill Pa. but currently TIC only supplies the west coast.

          Every time Rite Aid has our annual trade show we are inundated with questions regarding why we do not have TIC at ALL Rite AId stores. Fact of the matter is the one and only Thrifty Ice Cream plant is located in El Monte CA. and to feasibly supply other regions would require another productin plant to be constructed.

          Thank you to all who have fond memories of TIC and also to those of you who continue to manifest new memories.

          Happy Holidays!

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          1. re: JM TIC

            " feasibly supply other regions [with Thrifty Ice Cream] would require another production plant to be constructed."

            Wouldn't that help the economy? Perhaps you can get tax incentives.

            1. re: JM TIC

              I'm in Seattle. How can I get my hands on some? I just moved up here two months ago and am missing it sorely! The people who say it's nothing special don't know what they are talking about. Outside of expensive creameries, there is nothing that compares.

            2. The original comment has been removed