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Jun 10, 2008 05:44 AM

Anniversary restaurant on Cape (please help choose)

I have looked thru the board for a nice restaurant for our 5 year anniversary dinner. We are going to be staying in the Wellfleet/Truro area - so would prefer to stay up there but if there are restaurants that are significantly better than the ones in Provincetown/Truro/Wellfeet we are willing to drive.

Please help me choose between these restaurants

Cafe Edwige

Terra Luna

Wicked Oyster

28 Atlantic, Wequasett Inn

Ocean House

Also if there is a reccomendation for a casual brunch place that will easily seat 11 in Provincetown (and that is also child friendly) - maybe with a view, that would be awesome!

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  1. If you are staying in Welfleet/Truro, Ocean House is too far and there are amazing choices such as Red Inn (on the water) in P Town. I also love Terra Luna. My friends who were in town yesterday had dinner at 28 and LOVED IT. That again is quite far from Wellfleet, may 20+ minutes. In high season traffic makes it longer, IMHO.

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      We go to Wellfleet every summer for a week and for our 1 special meal we go to 26 Atlantic at the Wequasett Inn. It's about a 35 min drive and for a combination of excellent food, service ambiance, and view, it's our absolute Cape favorite.

    2. If you are in P town, Edwige is nice and it is romantic. I like the views from Fanizzi's in the Gallery section for the best water views. The food is more eclectic but very good. For the best romantic meal I have ever had in P town, try front street.

      1. they have a great brunch at Fanizzi's, buffet but good, again, great views...

        1. The Wicked Oyster would be my choice in Wellfleet. For brunch in Ptown we like Noreen's, at the Crown and Anchor Inn (347 Commercial St.) Sit on the porch, and people watch. Noreen loves kids.

          1. If you are staying near 6 I would go to Wicker Oyster. If you are staying more in the village of Wellfleet and want to stroll instead of drive, I would choose Winslow Tavern.

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              The Wicked Oyster! The Wequasset is good, but it's too far to drive, especially if you want to have some drinks or wine.

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                Thanks for the suggestions. We don't mind driving - but just wasn't sure if 30 + minutes was worth it. Looks like there are a lot of votes for Wicked Oyster!