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Jun 10, 2008 05:02 AM

anything new in decatur, ga?

Looking to eat in downtown Decatur area this Friday and wonder if there is anything new...have enjoyed Watershed, Cafe Alsace and Brickstore but curious because I haven't been over there in awhile.
Price range of Watershed or less but really good food and thai or chinese please.

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  1. Cakes and Ale is pretty cute.

    1. Another vote for Cakes & Ale. Chef used to be at Watershed, and there's a bit of southern influence, but also a nice mix of other things. Nice space (nice enough to entertain for casual work dinner), and well-executed food.

      1. Another vote for Cakes and Ale

        1. My sister lives out in Decatur and says Cakes & Ale is the hot place right now.