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Jun 10, 2008 04:54 AM

Roy's Naples/Bonita Springs

Does anyone know if the Roy's in Naples and/or Bonita Springs serve sushi?? I guess some Roy's do and some do not.

Also, any comments on Roy's Naples or Bonita Springs would be appreciated.



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  1. We have eaten several times at the Roy's in Bonita, and enjoyed it. The restaurant is located on the rim of a very upscale shopping center, so if you park in its vicinity you are only a couple of rows of cars away -- not a long walk. There are some cute shops nearby. I do not recall an extensive sushi menu, and I'm sure there is no sushi bar, though there is some limited counter seating looking into the kitchen. Service has always been very good -- much better than I'd expect from a chain, even a limited, high-end one -- and their molten chocolate cake is always a great way to end a meal. My mom loves their butterfish, and last time I ordered the meatloaf as a starter which was a goodsize portion, came with mashed potatoes and a tasty gravy, and was a bargain. Their three-course special starts with mini assorted appetizers, has a choice of four entrees including their excellent shortribs, and either the individual molten chocolate cake or another choice for I think $35 -- it seems to go up a couple of dollars a year.

    If you are in the Bonita Springs area, I also heartily endorse RevrendAndy's recommendation for Wyld's Cafe -- had an excellent meal there last trip as well.

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      I could use a clarification on Roy's molten chocolate cake. At the Lark Creek Inn in Lark Creek, California (a suburb of San Francisco), Chef Bradley Ogden occasionally does something called a "warm chocolate souffle." A near identical dish showed up on the menu of another San Francisco restaurant near Union Square, Kuleto's, also. The dish is more cakey than more souffles and you make a small hole in the top of the souffle and pour cool cream into it. It erupts like a volcano and is absolutely delicious. My girlfriend has been searching for it in Florida ever since. Is Roy's reminiscent of this?

      1. re: gfr1111

        A chocolate souffle, or any souffle is generally made with egg whites and would be very light. Roy's is a cake, made with flour, but still light. When you stick a fork in for the first bite, warm, delicious, liquid chocolate oozes out. It's a great dessert. Roy's doesn't serve sushi, unless as a special, but I love their seafood and recommend the restaurant.

        I've dined at the Bonita Springs location many times but I've found most locations to be of high quality.

        1. re: RevrendAndy

          On the website menu, Roy's calls it their Hot Chocolate Melting Souffle, and it is described as a flourless chocolate cake. It is a great rendition, very hot, molten in the middle, light, and rich and crispy on the top and edges. Served with a small scoop of vanilla-bean ice cream and, if I remember correctly, some raspberry coulis as a sauce.

          1. re: nosh

            Revrend Andy and Nosh,
            Thanks! From your description of it, it sure sounds like the same thing. And I guess from what you said, Nosh, it actually is called a souffle. There is a Roy's nearby. We'll be checking it out.

          2. re: RevrendAndy

            The Roy's in Tampa does serve sushi. It's always on the menu. It's not traditional sushi, but rather their fusion-y take on it.

            IMO, the molten chocolate cake at Roy's, whatever they call it, is so-so. But it's been on menus everywhere for so long, maybe I just need it to be more special than it is.

      2. Received a $20 gift card from Roy' a couple of days ago.
        Got on their mailing list somehow.