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Jun 10, 2008 02:44 AM

thoughts/advice for a rehearsal dinner in mizner/delray/boca

hey all -- the clan is returning home in october! my sister is getting married and we're looking for a spot to enjoy a modest-sized rehearsal dinner, probably 25 people or so....the wedding rehearsal will be at mizner country club, and we're crashing at the hilton on glades (just off the pike), so anything in that neck of the woods would be great. we'd love there to be a private room/area where we can be comfortable and not worry about disturbing others (and vice versa). the sister has a desire for their to be an asian flair, preferably of the southeast-asian variety, but this is not a must --- just solid food for the money (looking ~$40-60 pp including drink, somewhat flexible). italian is always easy...however i'm thinking something on the water could be nice....I've turned up some reviews for "SHORE" in delray and "JB's onthe BEACH" in deerfield. Reviews for Shore seem to be somewhat uneven, and it looks like everyone really enjoys JB's....any thoughts on these for this sort of affair?

other ideas?

looking forward to returning home for a week -- any help other locals could provide would be much obliged...thanks for any ideas!



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  1. do not go to JB's it is loud loud loud. Shore doesn't have a private room. Gol on Atlantic has a private area which might be too large for 25. Cabana has a private room but not sure if it will fit 25. Bostons is a maybe upstairs they have an area they could set up for you - they just did a buffet for a party I went to with around 25 people. I will keep thinking.

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      thanks smartie --- again, it doesnt have to be on the beach, just thought it would be a nice idea. closer to glades (hotel) may even be better, limiting the driving distance after a lot of food and drinks.......we're flexible though

      is Boston's any good/better than its been? i don;t know the place firsthand, but just from searching the board it doesnt seem like the food or service is good there....thanks so much

    2. How about Tulio's in Royal Palm Place, Italian.... Maybe Big City Tavern in Boca Center?
      Isn't there an asian restaurant 'Jasmine' right next to that Hilton???