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Jun 10, 2008 02:35 AM

Chez Patrick, Hong Kong

I've been hearing some good things about Chez Patrick, anyone's been there lately? I'd certainly like to hear what other CHs think.

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  1. I was there a few days ago. At Wanchai shop, I mean. Chef Patrick wasn't there, he seemed to be at the Central shop these days? Anyways, the food was all good and satisfactory for the prices they charged. Not exactly Michelin star level, but it was quite good value-for-money and the deco and ambience.were beautiful (but not too extravagant).

    1. it's been many months since i've been back - since patrick opened the new shop he seems to be spending much less time in the kitchen, which isn't doing the food any favours. i don't know if it's improved, but unfortunately i suspect not as people are still flocking to both the outlets. personally i'm in no rush to return.

      funnily enough, chez moi, where patrick used to cook, has now been fully renovated and re-opened, and the food there is quite decent (chef and maitre d' (husband and wife) were brought in from the chelsea arts club, london)

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        Is chez moi renovated now with new chef?
        Cool, because last time I was there (after Patrick had left, I think), everything was just plain old and food did not impress me at all.

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          yes all new, after months - probably close to a year - of renovations. i went after patrick left too - they tried to jib us by saying he was "on leave", cheeky things. not sure if the owners are the same people as before, but they're nonetheless doing a good job at the moment. i was quite happy with their good, honest food. they don't seem to have done/received much PR yet, so i'd go there before it's stampeded by HK magazine readers...