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Jun 9, 2008 10:57 PM

Best Pancakes Ever? (For Dinner!)

I am in search of a delicious pancake dinner, in the central to west LA area. Anybody ever hear of such a thing?

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  1. Okonomiyaki, the Japanese dinner "pancake." Two basic types - Hiroshima-style or Osaka/Kansai-style - with tons of variations. Try wikipedia for a further explanation. My go-to place is my mom's home, but when she's giving me the stink-eye which is telling me to bugger off, it's Gaja Moc in Lomita - not in your geographic area of request but worth the drive...

    1. when i have a hankering for a pancake dinner, i go to dinah's family restaurant near LAX and order two things:
      1) their huge baked 'german pancake' which is like a huge popover served with lemon wedges and powdered sugar on the side so that you can create your own lemon-icing-slurry
      2) their huge baked 'apple pancake' which is like the aforementioned huge popover which is baked with the addition of fresh apples and a cinnamon glaze.

      plan on taking home leftovers.

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      1. re: westsidegal

        Dang it, I forgot about Dibah's. Now I have ANOTHER pancake place to consider for next month's Birthday pancake feed.

        What am I up to now?

        Back to John O Groats.

        First time to The Griddle

        Out to Gaffey Street Diner

        Drive to The Pine place (forget the name) up the pearblossom highway

        Does Dinah's have good biscuits?


        1. re: Diana

          I'd say The Griddle... no question. Of course... and this is a specific caution for you... The Griddle is more or less the Father's Office of breakfast places.

          It's crowded, loud, the wait can be upwards of an hour, the clientelle fairly consistantly represents a "type," and so forth... but combinations like their pumpkin pancake with pumpkin pie filling and bourbon whipped cream, are mind meltingly fantastic.

          The major difference is that The Griddle (accomodating for occassional errors due to hectic service), will allow substitutions. Also, the kitchen WILL do half stacks, which should cut the average caloric intake to somewhere around 4000kcals (as the full stack is comprised of roughly six pounds of pancakes and toppings).

          But, if the humble pancake is your theme, you literally cannot do better than The Griddle.

          1. re: Moomin

            ON my pancake feed, calories don't count!

            1. re: Moomin

              The Griddle's pancakes are good, but I don't think they're open for dinner. I believe they close around 4 pm.

              1. re: Cinemaverite1

                Yup. I was specifically replying to Diana, who previously has had her pancake feed in the morning hours.

            2. re: Diana

              no, dinah's has NO biscuits.
              the ONLY things that i recommend at dinahs are:
              the german pancake
              the apple pancake
              the chile relleno omletter
              and, to a lesser degree:
              the swedish pancakes served with lingonberry butter

            1. Kate Mantilini on Wilshire and Doheny in Beverly Hills has marvelous crepe-like pancakes and I think they do serve them at dinner.

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              1. re: Motherhubbard

                I LOVE Kate Mantilini's moist crepe-like pancakes too! They're my favorite pancakes, but I've never been to The Griddle or to John O'Groats or Flappy Jack's. I'm not sure if they serve them during dinner though, I thought they stop serving breakfast on weekends around 2 or 3pm -- better call first and ask about it.

              2. The hotcakes at Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken in Culver City astound me. Personally, I prefer to overdo it by ordering both hotcakes AND biscuits.

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