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Jun 9, 2008 08:01 PM

Date in Brooklyn

What is your favorite place for a date in Brooklyn? We are open to all types of food and prefer the more modern places. Any neighborhood is fine. Last time we visited Brooklyn we went to River Cafe, loved the scenery but it was a bit formal for us.
Thanks for any suggestions !!

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  1. St Germain in Bay Ridge is nice. The food is delicious, the service hospitable and it has a bistro-like vibe. Bay Ridge is a lovely neighborhood. If the weather permits, after dinner, you can take a stroll/drive down to the water. Great date destination.:

    St Germain. 8303 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 Phone: (718) 745-8899

    1. Robin Du Bois is a sweet date place on Smith Street. French flea market atmosphere, nice lighting. So not modern in the shiny plastic surfaces sense, or food sense either as it is Bistro fare. But I love it for a cozy 2 top. Goose rillet appetizer, then share a whole chicken and an perfectly fine inexpensive cote du rhone.
      Also on Smith, check out Chestnut.

      In dumbo, up the street from River Cafe is 5 Front. Sweet little house. Garden is lovely, but there is a din from the bridge.

      In Park Slope, Al Di Lam which gets mentioned here a lot. Don't go hungry, as there is usually a wait... with a pleasant wine bar to wait in. Stone Park is another nearby Slope date spot.

      Near the corner of Flatbush and St. Marks are 2 nice spots: Franny's pizza which is more casual dining, but the food is exquisite and the wine list is fun esp if you are into of Italian wine (had a great nero di avolo last time). Get the house made Fennel sausage pizza, and don't skip any appetizers that sound good. On the other side of Flatbush is Flatbush Farm. A "modern" looking place with seasonal food. Extend your date with a drink in the garden of the neighboring bar.
      Walk by both of these places and pick one!

      I don't know much about Dressler in Williamsburg, but that might fit your bill.

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        Garden Cafe in Prospect Heights
        Rose Water in Park Slope
        Al Di La in Park Slope
        Convivium in Park Slope

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          I was thinking Dressler myelf. Dressler has a nice atmosphere with a slightly older crowd- a good thing as it's not noisy. It's nice but not overlly formal at all.

        2. It depends on whether you and your date want to do something afterwards, i.e. nice stroll, romantic and quiet garden, etc. . . If you are interested in places that just have some really good food, I'd suggest Convivium Osteria in Park Slope, Blue Ribbon, Applewood. Convivium is not however modern. Blue Ribbon is trendy and loud, but a fun place for dinner. Applewood uses organic and local ingredients. I do not recommend Robin Du Bois. The food is not great. Franny's has great pizza. If you're looking for a nice neighborhood where you can stroll around in, choose a place in Bay Ridge or Brooklyn Heights.

          1. i live in the bk heights/cobble hill area, so most places i'd recommend are around here: saul on smith is equisite serious food, but a step down from river cafe as far as cloying classic romance goes; po also on smith is intimate, delicious, special, but not stuffy italian; chesnut - which i still adore, but has been getting more and more mixed reviews on here lately; robin des bois is cute, but is pretty diametrically opposed in atmosphere to river cafe - could be a romantic date, but a very very casual one.

            if you're considering williamsburg, i would suggest aurora, which i thought was fantastic for rustic, romantic, dimly lit italian.

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              Good idea, if you want to go to Williamsburgh Aurora is good. It is rustic and romantic with a nice crowd of slightly older folks. Also has a decent wine list. You need a reservation especially for weekends. It's not loud but was fully booked when i went.

            2. There have been some great suggestions here. Let me just add that a loud restaurant, for me, detracts from the date experience: if you can't hear what your date is saying, it simply isn't very romantic. Blue Ribbon is loud. Al di la, particularly early, is subdued. The food at Applewood is excellent (this evening, I thought the roasted Columbia River sturgeon was just about the best fish I recall eating in many months). But, Applewood is relatively small and the acoustics are poor. At 8 PM, the room was deafeningly loud. Many neighboring tables were virtually screaming at each other. Ici is right for me for a date: great food and a pleasing ambiance.
              Barrio seems to be hitting it right. Whether you sit out or in, you're going to get good food and, if you can tolerate a few tables with kids, a good date. Finally, I've been very happy with meals at Moim. I think they do a unique take on Korean and the room is nice.