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Jun 9, 2008 07:57 PM

Looking for casual restaurants in small (?) towns in Austria.

We are cycling at the end of this month from Salzburg to Gosau to Hallstatt to Wolfgangsee to Traunsee to St. Georgen then back to Salzburg. I've collected posts on restaurants in Salzburg. We'll eat lunch along the route and dinner in the towns mentioned. Does anyone have recommendations for moderately priced, casual restaurants with GREAT food for any of these other places? We'd enjoy traditional Austrian cuisine and other types of food as well.

Many thanks!

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  1. The area you will be cycling through is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Austria. Therefore there is a plenty of places where to eat, and most will offer Austrian cuisine. The quality of food preparation per average has a high standard in this area, and so there is a low chance that you will be disappointed.

    On the other, really good food has its price...

    If you want to see the most interesting places, make a search on

    There you can enter a postal code (PLZ) or town name (Ort), and a distance around it (Entfernung). The result will give you a list of recommended places located in the town and its surroundings up to 50 km, high end (three toques) as well as down to earth ("ambitioned cuisine") ...