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Jun 9, 2008 07:51 PM

Its hot and I wanna eat; What do you chow in the heat?

What are your top spots for lunch when the island boils over?

I prefer spicy food that isn't too greasy. My favorite choice would be Saravanaas for South Indian. But I just had that last week and would do anything - SE asian, different indian, korean, mexican, central & south american, even BBQ if its not too heavy (that may be asking for too much). Regardless, I want to know what other folks crave when sidewalk outdoor eating is unbearable.

I am off tomorrow for lunch, so make a good rec!

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  1. A big bowl of cold Japanese soba noodles works great on a hot day. Maybe with a simple cold brother or a peanut dressing. Menchanko-Tei, on east 45th, and west 55th, does this well in midtown. There are, especially recently, lots of places that do similar. Alternatively, for some reason a Vietnamese summer roll, freshly made, along with a tall glass of Vietnamese iced coffee always does the trick for me. Now you've gotten me hungry all over again.....

    1. I like Fatty Crab's green mango with chili and watermelon pickle + crispy pork salad.

      Casa Mono's cold tapas would also be fantastic with a glass of cold sangria.

      For ceviche: Mercadito Grove.

      Oh -- and how could I forget? Try Aquavit for its herring sampler and cold shell fish platters, washed down with ice cold aquavit and beer!

      1. I've got a nice batch of gazpacho waiting for me in my fridge. But one of my favorite hot weather spicy meals is bi bim naeng myun -- Korean cold buckwheat vermicelli noodles in a spicy sauce with beef, vegetables, egg. Unfortunately due to an allergy, I don't eat it out anymore but have to make it at home. But I think You Chun is the place to go in Koreatown.

        1. sushi and sashimi from reputable purveyors.

          salads...lots of salads.