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Jun 9, 2008 07:20 PM

pubs/bars in three locations [London]

deb and i will be in london beginning july 5. goofy scheduling means we'll be staying at the following: renaissance chancery court, high holborn; the landmark london, marylebone rd.; and the sheraton belgravia, chesham place.

any thoughts on neighboring pubs/bars where i can grab a drink and decompress a bit before "going home" at 6 p.m. or so? cost is not the overriding issue. comfort is. noise is ok if the vibe is benevolent.

thanks for your consideration.

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  1. The bar at The Renaissance actually has a couple of solid mixers as does the bar at Pearl, the restuarant in the same building

    The Seven Stars Pub on Carey st is close too and worth a visit

    As is The Mitre on Grays Inn Road ( out of the hotel and turn right, walk for five mins and its on the left


    The latter is a particularly famous old pub and on the CAMRA trail, so dependable for a good pint.


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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      thank you simon. seven stars and the mitre are just what i'm looking for. i'll share an entertaining story with you about the bar at the renaissance when we get back.

    2. Just 100 yards from the Sheraton are both the Star Tavern in Belgrave Mews West and Motcombs bar and restaurant in Motcomb St. Both good.

      Also nearby and lively is the bar in the Rib Room of the Carlton Tower hotel. Amusing to see many Middle-Eastern gentlemen with their nieces, who all appear to be Russian, oddly enough. Take lots and lots of money to this one.

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        thanks robin. i promise to hit them all. where does one rent a russian niece?

      2. In Holborn, I'd recommend the Cittie of York:

        (That website might be quite useful for searching for pubs in the areas you've mentioned).

        In Marylebone, the Marylebone Tup is pretty reliable.

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        1. re: DollyDagger

          thank you dd. the marylebone tup it is.

        2. I used to work on Gray's Inn Road and my favourite pub was The Duke of York, tucked away off the main road near the ITN building. The Calthorpe Arms is also on Gray's Inn Road and has won CAMRA pub of the year a few times. Also not far from there is The Eagle.

          I also used to work on Marylebone High Street and I never really liked the Marylebone Tup. Much better to get off the beaten track a bit. The Dover Castle isn't bad, I seem to recall, on Weymouth Mews.

          And now I come to think of it, I've worked in Belgravia as well (albeit quite a while ago now)! For a bit of history you could visit The Plumber's Arms, famous as the pub where a bloodstained Lady Lucan announced that her husband had tried to kill her! We also used to like The Ebury Street Wine Bar, but haven't been for years.

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          1. re: greedygirl

            I'd avoid the food at the Seven Stars - when I went there I had some of the worst food I've ever had in my life - lukewarm grey meatloaf. Yuk.....

            1. re: greedygirl

              greedygirl knows her pubs! thanks so much.

            2. thanks all.
              i'll report back by august.

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              1. re: steve h.


                Thank you for taking the time to respond.

                DST is right about the food at The Seven Stars, but the beer is always well kept

                Let us know how you get on

                BTW - The bar at TRH does a good "perfect" Manhattan


                1. re: Simon Majumdar

                  In Belgravia, I really like the Thomas Cubitt on Elizabeth Street. It's very gastropubby and the dining room upstairs is pretty fancy (and the food is lovely) but it's an attractive pub on a nice street.

                  And I completely agree about the Seven Stars. Great place to drink -- have never eaten there, mainly because you can never get a seat!


                  1. re: mighty_ one

                    Ooh yes, I second the Thomas Cubitt and they've just opened a sister place too - The Pantechnicon Rooms - that's got a lovely bar.


                    1. re: mighty_ one

                      Sorry, the downstairs bar at Thomas Cubitt is hell on earth - imagine a bar packed to the rafters and the unrelenting sound of braying (think Eddie Murphy from the Shrek movies).

                      Similary, if you want to hear hedge fund managers talk endless twaddle about their big cellars (is that a euphemism ?) then the Pantechnicon rooms would be perfect.

                      Meanwhile the rest of us who just want a decent pint in a convivial atmosphere will be ordering the "Ordinary" in a proper pub like The Lamb (although I haven't a view yet on whether the move of Young's from Wandsworth to Bedford has ruined what was a very fine range of ales).



                      1. re: Hermano Primero


                        Actually, Lamb's Conduit Street is a good source of pub/bars. I used to go to Vats quite a lot back in the day, and The Perseverance has quite good food.

                        1. re: greedygirl

                          The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit is a great pub, and at least last August the food was quite good. Had one of the nicest chicken tart's there in memory with a wonderful rich cream sauce for one lunch, and my companions enjoyed their fare as well.

                          1. re: Joan Kureczka

                            Interesting to hear that. I usually choose pubs for either drinking or for eating (the gastro variety) but very rarely for both. I used to drink quite regularly at the Sloaney Pony but never ate there - I wonder what the grub's like.

                        2. re: Hermano Primero

                          Suggestion retracted - possibly not what the OP had in mind. To be fair, I've only really seen both venues fairly empty and free of braying Belgravians so maybe I need to revisit.

                          1. re: DollyDagger

                            Well, you know, I've only visited each venue once. But it was more than I could take. Much as I enjoyed Raef "Prince or Pauper" Bjayou in The Apprentice there's only so much of that haw-hawing noise that me, an honest middle class grunt, could take.