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Jun 9, 2008 07:04 PM

Kudos for Hominy Grill in Charleston

Interesting article in today's Charleston Post and Courier

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    1. Wow, that's awesome. And well deserved. So glad he "represented" his 'hood well by sportin' a tux.

      1. I had the "bowl" of she crab soup today at Hominy Grill for $6.50. It could have gone in a thimble instead of the oversized indented plate it was in. It had zero seasoning to it and tasted basically of cream and crab. There were decent-sized chunks of crab in it, but I had to add salt to make it tasty. I didn't taste much in the way of sherry and the bits of chive in it were so tiny, I wonder what flavor it contributes. The other plates I saw people having didn't look very big, so I wonder if it is worth it to eat there again. I am not too happy about shelling out 8 bucks after tax and tip for a tiny bit of soup that left me still hungry. I guess any nutjob who has hot soup in broiling weather deserves to be screwed.

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          It's not the cheapest place to catch a meal but I always found the portions to be generous. Last time I was there I had the triggerfish with squash casserole and collards. One of my all-time favorite down-home Charleston meals. I'm a big eater, and I was still full come dinner time and had to convince myself to head out for another meal.

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            I'm with MikeH - I had one meal there, and even though I was dreadfully sick (self-induced - a great night out the night before) I loved what I ate. I'd go back in a heartbeat. And it was more than enough food.

            1. re: mikeh

              Glad to hear that, I'd like to eat there again, it's just that 8 dollars for a tiny "bowl" of soup is rather bothersome...couldn't have been a whole measuring cup of soup there, and the oversized serving container is somewhat insulting...they should just man up and put it in the right-sized vessel, ie. a thimble.

          2. I don't "get" the Hoiminy Grill either, but obviously there's them that do.

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              I was served at Hominy Grill the worst meal, from start to finish, of my entire life including every meal I ever ate at any school cafeteria. Capping off our dinner was the totally indifferent service not to mention the humid and overcrowded room.