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Jun 9, 2008 06:29 PM

Any good chow in Ashland, OH?

I'll be in Ashland for a few days...any recommendations? I like all types of food. Looking for mostly cheap eats, but open to 1-2 nicer meals if the food is worth the money.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I love Ashland and go up there for the Shakespeare festival every summer. Some of my favorite places are:
    Standing Stone Brewery Co.
    Greenleaf Restaurant
    Wiley's World Pasta Shoppe & Eatery
    Dragonfly Restaurant & Gardens

    Just to name a few :)

    1. Oops I thought you meant Ashland Oregon not Ohio sorry! Just ignore my last post.

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      1. re: LoneWolf

        have to say i was reading it thinking.... there's all that in ashland?
        you could try to post on the food and wine forum (be forewarned some seriously snarky personality issues sneak their way into the boards) but a great source of info. people there might know. sorry i can't help more.

      2. You might want to give an Amish restaurant a try. You're on the cusp of Amish Country when you're in Ashland.

        I've never been there, but on Main St in Ashland there's a place called Besta Fasta Pizza.

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        1. re: Fibber McGee

          Besta Fasta is nothing special but it's ok.

          I recommend driving down Route 42 to Porky's drive-in. Great, unique burgers, fresh cut fries and they still make their own root beer. I grew up on Porky's:

          If you're willing to drive into Mansfield (only a little further than Porky's), I highly recommend Leaning Tower of Pizza, they are a small, funky, take-out only joint. Their pizza is great but you should really also get a sub - the sub/pizza combination is wonderful. They are at 180 Lexington Avenue, 419-525-3462 (no website that I know of). Definitely drive there and order and wait for your food so you can look at all the posters/pictures on the wall.

          Also in Ashland is an old-fashioned type of diner called the Lyn Way. It's decent. 1320 Cleveland Ave, 419-281-8911.

        2. I live in Wayne county, so if you are willing to drive a few miles east, Wooster has some interesting restaurants in all styles.

          The south market Bistro is very good, as is Matzos for Greek food, the Olde Jaol and brewpub, TJ's for steaks, Coccia house has good pizza. Wooster has the usual chain places in the north end, but I don't know of really good Indian or Chinese in the area. Hartzlers has amazing organic ice cream. The Amish door is passable chain Amish food, and Der Essen Haus in Shreve is better, but the best places will be quite a drive from Ashland.

          BTW, Lonewolf, there is a Green Leaf in Wooster but it is very forgettable.

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