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Jun 9, 2008 06:14 PM

Princeton/Kendall Park NJ - Good BYOB restaurants

Recently relocated here from North Jersey and looking for recommendations for byob restaurants in the area - good food and relaxing atmosphere (not Asian). Thanks.

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  1. Most of the Princeton restuarants are BYO, the best being Ferry House on Witherspoon.

    1. The Blue Bottle Cafe is only a short drive outside of the Princeton in Hopewell. It's my favorite in the area, but I admit that there are a great many places I've yet to try. Za in Pennington is another good BYOB choice.

      1. lucas in north brunswick is right on 27 about 15 min. from kendall park and is excellent.
        i think there is a byob italian place in the strip mall on route 1 in south brunswick by the home depot- kind of unsure of the name
        blue point grill in princeton

        1. Welcome to CNJ, FordhamGal. Fortunately, you have a lot of places from which to choose. Our favorite is Blue Point Grille in Princeton. It might be our favorite restaurant ever, period. It has the freshest seafood simply prepared. I always recommend whatever the special fish combo is. Live music and outdoor dining in the summer. Go early or prepare to wait!

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            Blue Point allows you to call ahead to be put onto their waiting list (they don't accept reservations for parties under 6)

          2. Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell is our favorite. Blue Point Grill and Ferry House in Princeton are solid. Acacia a few miles south of Princeton in Lawrenceville is very good as is Enzo's, also in Lawrenceville.
            Run a search of the above restaurants and you will get several threads and numerous posts.

            Welcome to Central NJ!!