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Jun 9, 2008 05:55 PM

Need Dallas Recommendation

Need to make a reservation in Central Dallas this Saturday. All foodies, but looking for fun atmosphere and gay friendly or central to the Oaklawn Area. Any recommendations?

A friend mentioned Cyclone and Steel, but he's not a food guy.


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  1. Steel is solid but not even close to the best sushi in town. Others on Oak Lawn worth your time are Al Biernat's (steak) and Aurora (high end French American) - neither of which particularly fit your criteria. If a cab ride downtown (10 mins from Oak Lawn) is no big deal, your options open up quite a bit. Check out the site below...they've got the most in depth Dallas foodie recommendations I've found. You can make reservations there too. Good luck!

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      Thank you... I kind of figured I was barking up the wrong tree. Just very unfamiliar with Dallas. Great site you recommended!