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Jun 9, 2008 05:52 PM

Great Barrington, Mass

Looking for some good restaurants in great Barrington . Will be there in the end of June for an evening. Something interesting, not too too pricey. Things that locals like in the area. Thank you

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  1. Not fancy, but good. Baba Louie's, best pizza around. Lines on Sat nite, so best get there early.

    1. Without a dollar amount, I wouldn't know what you consider pricey, but for quality of food, service and atmosphere, I recommend Pearl's. As far as Baba Louie's is concerned, I suppose if you just want a cheap meal, it's not terrible, but it's nothing special.

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        True that B.L. isn't "special" but the food is consistently good. Pearl is not one of our faves, and I consider it expensive. Very "New York." Castle Street is a big local favorite at a more moderate price; has jazz in the bar area on Sat. nites, and is located next to the Mahaiwe Theatre, which might be useful to you.

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          has anyone been to verdura lately? my bf and i have enjoyed autumn drives out there (from providence) just for dinner and back. haven't been in a while, though. if it's still as good i'm thinking we should..i don't consider it terribly pricey, but that can vary depending on what one wishes to spend, and for what you expect to get!

          1. re: sarabean

            They are closed...out of business!

            1. re: jaylhorner

              Restaurant Allium has taken over its spot. Part of the Mezze group, including Mezze in Williamstown (which we like a lot). Price level roughly same as Verdura. Haven't heard much feedback yet, so holding off. If you were going to be at all near Lee, Chez Nous would probably satisfy all your criteria.

              1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                oohhh... thanks, jay&tsarina for the info, though i must admit it was not what i wanted to hear. would you happen to know if the chef/owner just moved on, or if it's a sign of the times? i always heard great reviews, and readily compared it to any "trattoria rustica" in RI... though i am in no way dissuaded to take our anniversary ride out to the berkshires, i'll just have to touch base with CH'ders @ where to go next :)

                1. re: sarabean

                  The chef/owner closed it "for personal reasons" well before the current harder times (not that they've been easy for a while.) Haven't heard that he's relocated anywhere else, but you could Google or CH him: William Weber (or maybe two b's). This isn't a great restaurant year here, but the landscape is absolutely gorgeous! So happy anniversary, and y'all come see us, y'hear?