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Jun 9, 2008 04:47 PM

Drinks for a group, downtown/civic center/near BART

I'm hosting an alumni event (read: group of folks who don't know each other) and am looking for a place downtown/civic center/easy on public transportation that has drinks/some food. Preferably quiet.

I was thinking Absinthe but I'm concerned the bar area is not conducive to people meeting.

What about Cafe Claude?

Other suggestions?


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  1. How many people are likely to be there?

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    1. I'm guessing what might be throwing people off is "quiet." That might be tough. I don't think a group of 15 is going to be all that quiet themselves.

      1. I like Schroeder's for that sort of thing. Huge, good for groups, relatively quiet unless it's one of the occasional nights with live polka music.

        1. How about CAV, near Zuni? It would seem to meet all requirements.

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            CAV's so narrow, would it really be good for a group like that? It's almost 100% duces and 4-tops. Not that I don't love CAV.

          2. Jade is often rented out to groups downstairs and allegedly has appetizers. I love Cafe Claude, but it's not a particularly good space for mingling.

            I believe Absinthe/Arlequin will let you use their gorgeous back patio for a private event. They also used to have a room next to the wine store that was ideal for 15-20; not sure if they still do.

            B bar up above Moscone next to Samovar has wine, cocktails, and food (cheese and charcuterie, oysters), and will set up a table outside. The space inside is small if it turns cold and foggy though.

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              These are great suggestions. Thanks so much. I've never been to Schroeder's or Jade or B bar so I can check one of those out. Or CAV is co-owned by my neighbor so that may be it.

                  1. re: SarahKC

                    Probably not. Maybe give them a call and see about reserving the corner of the bar area, or the big table all the way in back (not sure if it holds 15).