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SF Chowhounders thoughts on Vancouver dining?

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So, I am headed to Vancouver and I have one night to have a spectacular meal. After searching the Canada boards, I thought I would seek some help from my fellow SF Chowhounders, as there are a number of Vancouver transplants in the bay area.

My sister-in-law suggested "C" restaurant. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I have read some reviews on this restaurant and I have not been impressed. I am completely open to suggestions and will go wherever the best food in Vancouver is. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    1. With one night, one dinner, I would go to West.

      1. Based on my last experience at C and the report of a group of friends who went more recently I would not choose it for your one great meal in Vancouver. I would go to West, Vij's or Chambar but maybe you should consider one of fmed's crawl itineraries from his post on march 30th.........
        "I would do a Gastown crawl one evening: Chambar (close to Gastown), Boneta, Salt, Cobre, Chill Winston -- then an Izakaya crawl another: Guu, Gyoza King, Hapa, Zakkushi, Kingyo. Both crawls are quite walkable." use the dinehere link to check out those suggestions....

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          Ya, the Gastown Crawl is awesome. I do it much to often for my wallet.

          I make it smaller though: Social (oysters) - Boneta/Cobre (dinner) - Salt (cheese/meat/wine) - Chill Winston (drinks - open an hour later than the rest).

        2. I just got back from spending 4 nights eating in Vancouver. We went to West, Metro, Gastropod, and Aurora Bistro. I would say any of those places would give you a spectacular meal but I would recommend Gastropod or Metro over West. West was good but we much more enjoyed the 10+ course tasting menus at Metro and especially Gastropod.

          Maybe it was our higher expectations for West after everything we've heard but we didn't enjoy it as much as the others. West does have larger portions than the others so if you just want to have two or three courses I would go to West or Aurora otherwise do the chef's menu at Metro or Gastropod.

          1. You have some great feedback already. Let me add a recap posting from laaronson, a regular on the SF/Bay Area boards:

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              Wow! Thanks for all of these great recommendations. I love the idea of a Crawl...

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                Do the izakaya crawl. As a San Franciscan temporarily living in Vancouver, I'd suggest skipping the western food here as your only meal, since San Francisco is loaded with plenty of excellent options. Good Japanese pub food, on the other hand, is far and few between in SF. The Chinese food is better here too, but at least with izakaya, you can sample lots of small plates, with better drink choices as well.

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                  As a norcal girl, with much dining experience in SF, I can say the izakaya crawl was our favorite part of of the trip last month. Guu!