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Jun 9, 2008 03:29 PM

Turning Stone Casino and Surrounding Areas

I am going to be at Turning Stone for a few days and am looking for dining advice. Cost is not an issue but that does not mean I insist on an expensive meal. (I love great cheap food when available.)

I have heard from several sources that the food at the casino is terrible. Even the high end restaurants, I am told, are woefully sub-par.

I have, on the other hand, heard good things about Dinosaur BBQ (which is sort of a distance away), The Mason Jar, Charlotte's Creekside Inn and the Horned Dorset.

Can anyone provide me any intelligence on these places? Or anything else I am missing?

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  1. Miky, where did you end up eating? I am heading up to Turning Stone and have reservations at Wildflowers (in the Lodge) and Pino Bianco. Should I think twice? Thanks.

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      We just went to Turning Stone. The casino is very tacky. We ate at the buffet, which was huge and full of guilty pleasures. However, the main event for us was The Lodge, which is where we stayed. It is gorgeous, very relaxing and the service is top notch. We ate at Wildflowers and thought it was great. A nice take on American eclectic with a lot of fresh, local ingredients. We thought it could hold its own here in NYC.

      One thing to keep in mind is that they do not have a liquor license due to a dispute between the tribe that runs the casino and NY State. However, you can BYOB and they provide full service with what you bring.

      On a related note, Dinosaur in Syracuse is great. The one in NYC is good, too, but for some reason the original place still has the edge - maybe it's the crust on all the old cast iron!

      1. re: Jshatan

        Could you explain how TS manages the BYOB process? Do you have to give advance notice or just show up with your bottle? I know I can just call and ask (and probably will) but it's helpful to hear from somebody who has actually been a guest there.

        1. re: ns538bmk

          I can reply to myself since I've now been there. As Jshatan says, full service is provided, arrive at the restaurant with your bottle and it will be taken care of.. But it is pretty weird to see all of those nicely furnished bars and lounges that look like ghost towns.

          We tried Peach Blossom, no complaints with the service or the food. The beef in the spicy beef and broccoli was a little tough but overall the dish was tasty, as was the hot and sour soup. Also went to Pino Bianco and again, no complaints, portion sizes were quite large. If there's a next time I'd like to try Wildflowers (and stay in the Lodge, it was beautiful).

    2. I like Joel's Front Yard Steakhouse. It's nothing fancy but my wife and I like it. There is a big steer in front of the place. Good seafood as well. It's maybe a mile (2 traffic lights)from the casino. I forget the street but it's the main one going past the casino.