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Jun 9, 2008 02:58 PM

Burlington, VT. this Wed....

Heading up to Burlington for my son's UVM orientation. We have one night on our own. Looking for local, seasonal, interesting, inventive...Any help, please...

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  1. If you like great, athentic chinese, not fried, check out single pebble. Really high end chinese, fresh ingredients.

    1. American Flatbread, 115 St. Paul St., is a sort of takeoff on pizza with minimal cheese. Lots of tasty toppings (we had Punctuated Equilibrium and Vermont Sausage). Inside is noisy, outside in the alley (in nice weather) is pleasant. Souza's Brazilian Restaurant around the corner on Main St. looked interesting but we didn't have time to check it out.

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        If you are only there for a night on your own, I wouldn't recommend Flat bread (sorry donshirer!) Although it is good, it's still just pizza, and good for their committment to their employees and ambience. Flatbread also isn't specific to Burlington.I'm sure there are tons of other places that can be found in Burlington.

        1. re: relativeways1

          While I generally agree, I think it depends what the OP is looking for. If you're looking for a quality simple meal in Burlington, I think Flatbread is a good place to go. If you're looking for a more elaborate meal and are willing to devote some time, then TonyO's suggestions fit the bill.

      2. 1. The Inn at Shelburne Farms - Shelburne, VT
        2. The Kitchen Table Bistro - Richmond, VT
        3. The Hen of the Wood - Waterbury, VT

        All three are within 30 minutes of Burlington and are among the best at utilizing Vermont products. If you appreciate upscale, well prepared food, you will be happy with any of the above.

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        1. re: TonyO

          What TonyO said.

          Inn at Shelburne Farms is hands down the most spectacular location.

          Hen of the Wood is the best food, though Kitchen Table is very close.

          Add Trattoria Delia for terrific high-end Italian, in downtown Burlington, to your list of possibilities. relativeways1 made me laugh, (s)he said what I was thinking about American Flatbread: It's _just_ pizza.

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            It just occurred to me that Inn at Shelburne Farms isn't air conditioned. If the heat wave is still with us on Wednesday evening, that wouldn't be a particularly comfortable dinner.

                1. re: chilihead


                  Considering that we get 6 months of winter, and we got our first 90 degree day before we got our first 80 degree day, well, yeah, the heat is a shock to the system.

                  And as much as I love the Inn at Shelburne Farms, I'd never endure the non-air conditioned dining room on a 95 degree day. Been there, done that, and it was not pleasant.

          2. I am taking my son up for Orientation on Wednesday as well. We ate at Single Pebble when we were up visiting last summer-very good-but certainly not authentic aka Chinatown. I am certainly interested in the responses as well-but would like to stay in Burlington proper after the drive.

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            1. re: sgschef

              Burlington proper;

              Trattoria Delia


              1. re: sgschef

                Single Pebble isn't authentic? You sure? The Chef always talked about how he spent years in China working on his recipes. Have things changed since it moved to Burlington from Barre? (of course, what do I, a midwest girl never anywhere there was a chinatown know from authentic chinese food? ;)

                1. re: Morganna

                  Chinese food, or at least people's views, is quirky when describing 'authentic'. Since I live next to Montreal which has a 'Chinatown' (albeit small), I don't really seek out Chinese food when away. Unless I'm in another city with a Chinatown...
                  Being an outsider, and with your requirements of "local, seasonal, interesting, inventive", I'm tentative to make any recs,
                  That said, for what its worth, and Vermonters cut me some slack (and feel free with comments!),

                  We'd occasionally eat at The Rotisserie which was by no means cutting edge, but honest, good fare. Alas on our last visit, it was closed to fire damage.

                  We fell in love with Junior's in Winooski, but for some reason, felt the chemistry wasn't there after their upscale move (still have to check out their location on Main, though).

                  Bove's: never been, but they're on our 'to do' list after seeing their Lasagna on Bobby Flay's Throwdown. Opened in 1941, I think it at least meets "local" and "interesting" requirements. (Italian)

                  Pucinellas: Although visited here only twice, we feel this place has the ingredients for a very nice evening out, I'd recommend this joint. (Italian)

                  Trattoria Delia: to be fair, we never actually ate here. Prices seemed to be too high, but after reading several recommendations, we'll definitely check it out. (Italian)

                  Shanty on the Shore: Perhaps overlooked as a dining destination, we usually make a stop here. Nice views of the marina and Lake Champlain, sometimes interesting whiteboard specials, I think this place is a good spot for a 'family' celebration (seafood). BTW we miss Perry's...note how the Tuscan Grill went...

                  Souza: We absolutely loved this place when it was further down on Main. I feel it was better than Churascaria La Milsa in Montreal. It also rivaled my few eats at Brazilian churascarias. That said, we ate at their new location last year and were somewhat let down. It may have to do to the fact that we weren't 'starving' for a churascaria experience, and/or my prejudice of restaurants moving from their roots and going 'upscale'.
                  We'll try it again and decide. (Brazilian Churascaria not necessarily 'local', but interesting and inventive)
                  I would recommend this place for a family gathering, but check... it was closed last week for renovations or reparations...

                  Finally, TonyO, where is Taste and L'Amante and what kind of restaurants are they? Thanks.

                  1. re: porker


                    Taste is on Lake Street near the waterfront. They serve a somewhat eclectic mix of cuisine that features local ingredients served in very creative ways. Rick, the owner, is a master of customer service and making his guests feel appreciated. Their website is

                    L'Amante is an upscale Italian restaurant on College St. (just down the block from VT Pub and Brewery (heading towards the lake). This is a great spot for intimate dining rather than large group outings.

                    Based on your other comments, I think you would enjoy Trattoria Delia and find that the prices are quite reasonable given the quality of the food. They only serve beer and Italian wine but the wine list is extensive and the servers and quite knowledgeable.

                    1. re: TonyO

                      I second Tony's comment about Trattoria Delia. They were, hands down, the best fine dining experience I've ever had in Vermont when we went for our anniversary. Staff that knew everything about the food being served, we were met with flutes of complimentary Prosecco, they were polite but not intrusive, and cared for our comfort. Just a wonderful place. :)

              2. Tilley's Cafe on Church Street. I've been there once and it was, to this date, the best meal I have ever eaten at a restaurant. Hopefully things are still good over there!