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Jun 9, 2008 02:41 PM

Private Room dinner for 40

Hello Hounds!

Looking for a nice spot for out of towners to enjoy a dinner together. A place where we can mix and mingle before sitting down is great. Outdoors is nice, but not required. Avoiding windowless basements or areas that wouldn't make sense to Aunt Velma from Indiana (Alma on Columbia st, Diner in W-burg).

Pretty much any cuisine works, but sadly not Asian.

Frankie's Stable is the perfect place, but is BOOKED on our date. If you know who has it on Sept 19th, tell them I am offering a generous bounty. ;)

Looking for a private room as it is a wedding rehearsal dinner and there will be toasts, slideshows, and general merriment.

many thanks!

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  1. Anita - I'm in the same boat. I'm looking for a place for about 40 for a mid-August wedding. One place we're mulling is the backyard of Loulou's in Fort Greene BUT it seats only 30 - 35. I'll be watching your post.

    1. What kind of budget are you working with and in what area? I recently got married in Brooklyn, so talked to a few places around Park Slope for rehearsal dinner/wedding dinner spots.

      If you're looking for upscale, we had the dinner after our wedding for 25 at Tempo in Park Slope. They have two separate dining rooms, so I'm sure they would be able to accommodate a party your size and allow it to be private. Their dinner package included passed hors d'oerves (for the mingling time), family style apps, entrees, and three small desserts for each person. The choices for food included most of their menu.

      I had relatives in from the south and midwest, and they loved the food. The service was perfect, and they were accommodating for the young child we had with us. We were extremely pleased with the whole evening there, and would highly recommend them as a place to take a big group.

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        Tempo is a good idea. It's a great idea - I love the food in that spot!

        1. re: jacobdev

          Great idea! Tempo has been delightful to work with so far... we went in for dinner and they had a refreshing customer-orientation, and lovely atmosphere. Not the crowded, rushed, self-important "local flavor" that can be a turn off to mature out-of-towners.
          It is in the running....

          1. re: anita_cocktail

            cool. we made a dinner rez for this Friday to check it out. I spent my birthday there last year - really delicious. Let me know how it goes.

        2. iof you want something in queens you can try conlleys on grand ave in maspeth they have a private party room