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Jun 9, 2008 02:18 PM

Driving through Louisville on Wednesday - any dinner suggestions for a trio of road trippers?

We'll be driving from Toronto to Nashville on Wednesday. Louisville seems like a good palce to stop for dinner. Any place that would give us a great meal after some long driving?

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  1. Any kind of food you are looking for? There are lots of fun places on Bardstown...maybe let us know what kind of food you are looking for.

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      something that would be unique to the area, if that makes sense?

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        I don't know if you're looking for something relatively casual or more upscale, but three of my favorites in Louisville are Havana Rumba, Cafe LouLou, and Lynn's Paradise Cafe. All are pretty casual and moderately priced. Havana Rumba is really, really good Cuban. Cafe LouLou has a pretty eclectic menu...sort of a cross between Louisville and Louisiana. Lynn's Paradise Cafe has a really fun atmosphere and good food with a Southern twist. All three have their own websites, if you'd like to check their menus.

      2. re: bubbles4me

        Well it definitely depends on what kind of experience you're looking for and what your price point is so here are a few suggestions:

        Fun but touristy with unique takes on Southern cuisine: Lynn's Paradise Cafe ($$)

        Very interesting decor and food: Proof on Main ($$$)

        Expensive but worth every penny, old school Louisville fine dining experience: Jack Fry's ($$$-$$$$)

        Interesting ethnic choices:
        The Mayan Cafe (Yucatan)
        Havana Rumba (Cuban)
        Queen of Sheba (Ethiopian)

        1. Proof on Main!!
          Fantastic food and the hotel it's in is also a museum.
          If you don't want to dine there have a few cocktails at the bar,they have great martinis.

          1. Mayan Cafe is stellar!

            I have to second Jack Fry's for the uniqueness factor.