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Jun 9, 2008 02:04 PM

Canela, Covent Gardens, London

A pleasant, comfortable cafe, with a Portuguese/Brazilian bent, certainly a suitable place to while away a nice part of a lazy sunny day.

A dry steely white from Alentejo, nice integrated acidity, from their all Portuguese/Brazilian wine list.

In the bacalhau à brás, reconstituted salt cod with its characteristic firm fibres, a pillar of Portuguese cooking, is cooked with finely shredded potatoes that are fried to a nice crisp, which I love. A sharp salad of rocket and frisee, dressed sharply.

An ok chocolate cake, nothing deep or fudgy but nothing bad.

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  1. I ate at the one around Carnaby st and thought it was quite bad!

    1. I just ate at Canela last night ( at the Covent Garden location) and it was absolutely delicious and perfect for a pre-show meal. I went with a group, so I tried a variety of foods but my favorites were: Brazilian Cheese Bread, Bacalhau a bras, the Black Bean/Smoked Meat Stew and, I didn't eat it, but the banana/cinnamon cake looked delicious. Highly reccomended, especially as a cheap eat.