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Jun 9, 2008 01:47 PM

Ethnic Gems in Downtown San Diego


I'm heading out to San Diego in a couple weeks. Staying downtown for the weekend. Can anyone recommend any inexpensive, ethnic spots in the downtown area. No car, but don't mind walking from Horton Plaza to Seaport Village to the PetCo Field areas--in other words, don't mind walking anywhere in the downtown San Diego area (the aforementioned places are just points of reference for me, not places at which I want--or need--to eat)!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. You can try Las Quatras Milpas, Las Quatras Milpas (1857 Logan Ave. San Diego, CA 92113.

    They have a very limited menu, and are only opened for lunch.

    They serve a tamale in beans and rice with hot from the oven tortilla's. It is inexpensive and has been in San DIego since the 30's.
    You can probably trolley or bus or cab it to here.

    1. San Diego has many great ethnic spots that match your criteria, but unfortunately they are not walking distance from downtown. Downtown is primarily populated by expensive restaurants geared towards the convention center expence account crowd. If you don't want to miss out, you should rent a car.

      1. Here's one for you:

        Athens Market Taverna
        109 W. F St. (just behind Horton Plaza)

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          Depends on which way from downtown you walk...

          and for great down and dirty Mexican: San Diego Farmers Market at 2100 Imperial Ave. is great, and on the trolley

        2. Sultan Schawarma 543 Fourth Avenue (just South of Market)

          1. If you like Japanese food, try Kiyo's on F Street between 4th and 5th. This place has been making and serving up sushi and other Japanese gems long before 'sushi' became a household word. Not fancy, not trendy by Gaslamp standards, but very good and inexpensive.