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Jun 9, 2008 01:30 PM

Dinner for 18 near DFW


We are having a dinner meeting with managers across the country on June 25th. Right now everyone is flying in that morning, we are having a meeting at the airport until 5pm and then our out of town guests are staying at a hotel in Irving.

We do this about once a quarter, but I am new to putting dinners together and am relatively new to Texas. Can anyone suggest somewhere we can go and possibly have a private room or just be able to all sit together at a large table? Our budget is about $25 per person and the only restriction is that my boss says absolutely no Mexican food.

Any suggestions you have would be great!

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  1. Check out Babe's....there is one west of the Airport (Roanoke) and one east of the airport (Carrollton) . If they can sit you together , you will enjoy the Texas cooking and the fun atmosphere.........