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Jan 8, 2003 03:51 PM

Is it just me, or is Galco's really gross?

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I know the lure of the weird and retro sodas is really compelling, but Galco's is really filthy and they're sure not very nice there. There seemed to be a thick layer of grime over everything and my kids tried to grab some candy out of a bin and it was literally all stuck together. Plus, the soda costs about twice as much as it is at Soda King in Torrance. I know the Torrance place is a big schlep but Danny the owner takes such delight in his wares that it's a complete pleasure and a true education. Soda King also ships but those glass bottles are heavy so the shipping will probably cost more than the beverages. Even though I'm spitting distance from Galco's, I'll make the Torrance pilgrimage and stock up from now on. P.S. Soda King carries Sparky's Root Beer from Santa Cruz which itself is worth a drive to Torrance--or Santa Cruz for that matter. I've added a link for Soda King.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hey here's a great advatnage of Galco's: I bought a whole case of weird soft drinks which of course I never drank; I left them in my musty, dusty basement for a year and they still look just like I did when I bought them! No Windex required.

      On another note, I have to admit that at first I was sort of vaguely interested in the whole Galco's thing. After sampling about twenty of the things they sell, I had a painful realization: Coke really is the best soft drink; most of these weird soft drinks contain very crude, not particularly appetizing artificial flavors.

      I'll stick with my eastern European natural fruit syrups (they are all great - I especially love the Slovenian brands) mixed with some carbonated water from my old fashioned sprizter. Better and cheaper than Galco's, and no dust issue.

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      1. re: Dylan

        Where do you get said Slovenian fruit syrups? Sound delicious.

      2. i go to galco's regularly, mostly b/c it is so close to my house. i haven't really minded, or even noticed, the dust or grime. i guess i'm not concerned about it since the bottles are all sealed up tight. i love some of the ginger ales they carry.

        in any case, i hv to take issue w/ your comment that they are not very nice. that is exactly the opposite of what my experience has been!! every time i've been there, the girl behind the counter (it has always been a girl, though a handful of different ones) has been very friendly! maybe if you found them to be otherwise, they were reacting to your attitude......

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        1. re: fat kitty

          No need to go hissing at Slow Foodie just because you have a hairball stuck in your throat. Slow Foodie had a different experience than you've had, doesn't mean he caused Galco's counter person to be not very nice.

          1. re: suz

            Sheesh! Fat Kitty simply made a reasonable guess about why the folks who work at Galco's, which if you'd ever been there you would know are usually the nicest in the world, might not have been nice to Slow Foodie. Of course, if they weren't nice that's no excuse, but since they are so friendly usually it's hard to imagine any other cause than someone's negativity.

            And the Lemon-Lime Whopee is fabulous!

            1. re: Jean
              Sheesh, indeed...

              It's not a 'reasonable guess,' it was a sideways way of calling Slow Foodie nasty and/or a liar.

              It's fair for SlowFoodie to describe his/her experience of Galco's.

              It's fair for others to describe theirs.

              It ain't fair for others to tell SlowFoodie "what you say happened probably didn't, or if it did, you caused it."

              Is that really that hard to understand?

              1. re: Jean

                I am apprehensive about jumping into this fray, but will clear this up by saying that my main criticism of Galco's is that it is extremely dirty. I like the old fashionedness of it very much but there's a big diff between quaint and filthy. Furthermore my most recent shopping trip was with my children who LOVE soda. We were all very happy. We were very friendly and we spent over a hundred bucks. My kid asked the cashier very politely about the availability of a soda he likes and she answered so curtly he was nearly in tears. Also, even though we were ringing up a large amount of soda the owner came through and pointedly removed our cart from the checkstand. We were then made to run outside and fetch an "outdoor" shopping cart to transport our purchase to the car. The store wasn't that crowded and it seemed that he could have taken the time to provide an alternative cart and/or have someone help us to the car with our purchases. My kids are real little foodies. They have charmed their way into restaurant kitchens all over the world. They know the inventory of Surfas by heart. And, they are huge soda fans. Yet, as we pulled out of Galco's driveway one of them muttered, "never again."

                1. re: Slow Foodie

                  I am so sorry you had that experience. It's all very odd indeed, because one of the things I have always liked about Galco's is that they always (each of the 10 or so times I've been there) insist on helping you out to your car. The first few times I tried to tip the guy after he loaded everything into the back of my Honda, and after each of them (I'm fairly sure they were different people each time) refused, I fave up trying. Maybe they were having a bad day for some reason? That's of course not an excuse, but maybe an explanation. Anyway, if you ever get over the dirtiness objection (which I don't dispute but which doesn't really bother me since everything I buy there is in a bottle), you might want to give them another chance because they really, really are nice people there!

          2. I love the old-fashionedness of the place and the fact that it has a turn-stile is a total plus.

            1. I've been to Galco's many times, and they have always been nice, both the owner and the woman working the cash register. The woman has remembered me on my trips back (I don't go that frequently)

              If you join their case card club and take advantage of their specials, you can save some money. There prices have gone up over the last year, but so has their cost of doing business. Its worth it to me, I am able to get soda from Italy I didn't think I'd be able to find on the West Coast.

              Its not any dustier than some other stores I've been in