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Jun 9, 2008 12:15 PM

anniversary dinner-this wed-outdoor table?

looking for refined, interesting, not worried about budget-its our first anniversary with
a new baby so we have a sitter for a few hours and need to make it worth our while-
can any hounds help a new mommy get her chow on?

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  1. You will no doubt get many shouts for Oleana here, so let me be the first. I celebrated my anniversary there last year, and it was my favorite meal out for 2007. If you haven't been, the food is well executed, and it's not the same pan-mediterranean, mostly italian with some asian influences, especially in the tuna tartare with avocado and soy, that you get in 98% of our fine dining restaurants.

    1. Yep, Oleana is a good call. A few others:

      Blue Room (Kendall) - nice sunken patio, tasty upscale American with some French, Italian, and Japanese thrown in. Clever wine pairings by the glass.

      Hamersley's (South End) - French/New American on a picturesque Bostonian square.

      Harvest (Harvard) - a nice enclosed patio in the back, overpriced but reliable New American.

      1. The Harvest has a great dining patio, and it's quiet and removed from traffic. I think that Rocca's is still the best of the new restaurants that opened recently and they not only have a quiet patio, but offer parking. I've had dinner at Hamersley's and it far enough from Tremont St.that you don't get the noise of the traffic or smells. By Wednesday, the weather should be ideal for outdoor dining. Happy Evening!

        1. I would throw in a recommendation for Dante. Not the most romantic entrance (given the Royal Sonesta lobby and all...) but I find the food consistently quite good, the service impeccable -- and their patio is on the water! Quiet and great views looking over into Boston.

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            I would second Dante- Ive been beyond impressed with their food, and yes- while their entrance is severely lacking, the food and the view of the Charles makes up for it.

          2. I'm on board with everyone else... Oleana, Oleana, Oleana!

            This was one of the first places I tried when I started writing my blog (about a year ago) and we just LOVED it!!! For my full review:

            Happy Anniversary!