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Jun 9, 2008 12:14 PM

Best Pizza in Charleston

After years of bemoaning the lack of quality pizza in downtown Charleston, and trying each new shop, we kept coming back to Andolini's as the consistently best option. Well, no more! Zappo's on upper King Street is head and shoulders above their competition. Excellent crust, toppings, sauce... and they deliver!

Anyone found any pizza better than Zappo's?

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  1. If the kid making your pizza at Andolini's isn't high as a kite, I think they are hard to beat.

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    1. re: BlueHerons

      I don't think I've ever eaten at Andolini's when the kid making the pizza, the kid ringing you up, and about 75% of the clientel were'nt all high as a kite. Still better than good old Gilroy's where you could order a dime bag under your pizza. Anybody remember Checker's. The absolute worst pizza of all time but you could order one for like $2.00.

    2. I haven't tried Zappo's, but if we are including all of the greater Charleston area, I would rate the pizzerias I've tried thusly:

      1. EVO in North Charleston
      2. Orlando Brothers on Daniel Island
      3. Everybody else including Monza downtown and Andolini's (though I've only tried the Mt. Pleasant branch)

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      1. re: Low Country Jon

        I am trying to stay downtown with this... but agree that Monza is good. But it is more of a frou frou pizza and is WAY expensive for what you get. I am thinking more along the line of "pizza joints."

      2. I can't seem to move past doesn't help that I live in the area. I also like Andolini's. On my to try list are Monza, Zappo's and D'Allesandro's.

        I am also on the lookout for Chicago style thin crust pizza, sometimes you just want a thin crust pizza cut into squares. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          1. re: DavidA

            229 St. Philip St.

            I have heard people rave about D'Allesandro's but I haven't given it a try just yet. I think part of my problem is EVO is so close, and pizza is usually a last minute meal for us.

            1. re: lizzy

              EVO is delicious... i have it for breakfast at the Farmer's Market!

              1. re: DavidA

                D'Allesandro's is by far the best pizza downtown and they deliver too!
                Try the meatball parm, it is soooo good. EVO is great too, but a different style. Monza is a rip off. For some reason they think their pizza is so great as is that you can't make any substitutions or choose your own toppings.

                1. re: penny35

                  We did a taste test with D'Allesandro's last night. We think Zappo's has a better crust, D'Allesandro's a more interesting sauce and Zappo's a better basic salad. The slight edge goes to Zappo's.

                  Either is head and shoulders above their downtown competition. We are thrilled to have found both. And they both deliver!

                    1. re: DavidA

                      If you have tried Mellow Mushroom's pizza, how would you rate it in relation to Zappo's and D'Allesandro's?

                      1. re: Wienerhound

                        Mellow Mushroom should not be even mentioned in the same breath as Zappo's and D'Allesandro's!

                        1. re: DavidA

                          Update: We had D'Allesandro's delivered. It arrived over an hour later, the pizza was almost cold, the crust was akin to cardboard and the whole thing was pretty unappetizing.

                          Zappo's remains our favorite... by a lot now!

                          1. re: DavidA

                            That's too bad about D'Allesandro's delivery, I will have to keep that in mind. By the way, I'm loving the feedback so sample some more and keep the posts coming.