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Jun 9, 2008 11:52 AM

Frozen whole fish

After reading numerous articles and books which say that a diet containing fish like sardines, mackeral, etc. is good for our health, I went out and bought some frozen whole sardines and small mackerals imported from Portugal. We eat a lot of fish at my house but never frozen or whole fish.

So, how do I prepare them before cooking? That is, do I need to defrost them first? Or, can I just throw them directly on the barbie?

Thanks in advance, Hounds!

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  1. Defrost first.

    Then proceed as you normally would.

    1. Defrost.
      Please don't use that horrid little feature on your microwave either. I'd let them thaw in the fridge for two days. If your Mackerel does not taste great, do not be discouraged. Mackerel might not be the best fish to freeze. when it's fresh, it is one of my favorites, but it breaks down very quickly compared to other species, and is really not very good if it's over a few days old. I'm not sure how it freezes. If it's not vaccuum sealed, and it tastes not so great, just keep searching for a different fish that you like. Transport for mackerel is pretty difficult as far as keeping its integrity.