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Jun 9, 2008 11:48 AM

MSP- Fish and Chips

Where can I go for good fish and chips?

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  1. My current favorite is Highland Grill's recently revised version. The seasoning in the coating gives it a more modern take than the stuff you'd get in jolly ol' London, etc. but it's not too frou-frou. As their menus keep evolving and diverging, I'm not sure you can get the same at the sister restaurants, Longfellow/Edina/Groveland Tap/the new 3 Squares.

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    1. re: MSPD

      I've never tried Highland Grill's, but I really enjoy the fish fry at their sister restaurant, Groveland Tap. It's white fish in a Leinenkugel batter and a side of tartar sauce. They serve it all you can eat on Fridays (don't really know if they have it other days of the week, actually...). But, I always get mine with baked potatos. You might be able to get it with a side of fries, but, they wouldn't be English style and they wouldn't be outstanding.

      Sea Salt's fried fish basket ain't bad, either, but I always want the oyster po-boys when I go there... Again, no chips (cole slaw and fruit salad is what you get), just fish.


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        I went to Sea Salt a few weekends back with my sister and I'd say they make my favorite fried fish right now. I had the catfish po' boy (just as good as what I've had in New Orleans), but they have a fried catfish basket (1 pound of catfish for $15! Outrageous).

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          I love their catfish po-boy, too, when I can force myself to order something other than the oyster po-boy. I haven't tried the fried catfish basket, but sounds like a good one to order to share! Thanks for the tip.


          1. re: BigE

            I intentionally omitted catfish, etc. and interpreted fish & chips in the traditional sense. But since it was brought up, the catfish is the star attraction at El Amin's in north Mpls, Lee's & Dee's in St. Paul and Nardie's in south Mpls. If you like a good crispy, juicy catfish, head on over to any of the three. I'd skip the fries though.

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              Huh. I've never had the catfish and Lee and Dee's. Thanks for the tip!


              1. re: MSPD

                MSPD--- Thanks for mentioning Lee’s and Dee’s. It’s one of the real gems that I keep forgetting about. Never had their catfish. I’m going to have to give it a try soon....

                Uncle Ira

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                  Actually, quite a few of the comments on here have me intrigued. Shamefully, I've only been to Sea Salt once I think this summer.

        2. Kierans in Mpls
          The Local in Mpls (on Nicollet)
          Brits Pub (also on Nicollet)

          I wouldn't recommend Kip's Pub (in St. Louis Park) gummy.

            1. re: seahag

              I had them at Blackbird, and I wouldn't again. Disappointing-they used planko crumbs (is that what it's called?) It was salmon, so it sounded really good, but I wasn't thrilled.

            2. I like the Glockenspiel on Friday nights.