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Jun 9, 2008 11:37 AM

Looking to Find Great Authentic Food in Vienna, 6 nights going July 6th.

Looking for real authentic, not touristy mainly dinner suggestions, although if you know any great lunch or pastry places please do pass them along. We will travel to Salzburg area for one possibly two days as well. It can be anywhere from formal to casual.
Thank you from Toronto (Porto)

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  1. i was there a couple of months ago and ate at morz & sons, the coburg palace and figmuller.

    morz is a michelin-starred experimental gastronomic place. the food was good, although not exceptional, though their all austrian wine-pairing and cheese-board was exceptional and generous. we don't get a lot of austrian wine in the uk so i was really happy to be guided and educated. i was actually taken aback as to how good all the wines were - some completely remarkable.

    i ate in the rooftop brasserie for lunch at coburg, but they also have a one-star restaurant which some say is the best in the city. what is certain is that they have the best wine list i have ever seen in my life. the owner of the hotel is a huge fan, my waiter even intimated the hotel was built to facilitate the collection, which is kind of cart before horse, but who cares? it was just a pleasure to see it. they have a wine bar in the lobby with a huge selection by the glass. even if you chose not to eat there pop in, have a drink and ask to see the list, it's worth it.

    finally, figmuller claims to be the home of the schnitzel. it looks the most touristy place on earth (magazine news clippings framed on nearly every wall), but on my visit it was 100% austrian, though i got the impression much of its clientele could have been domestic tourism. the schnitzels are huge (like 10" pizza size large) and they've been perfecting it for years (special bread that crumbs well, direct relationship with meat supply, a specific type of frying all, etc. in short, a very bespoke schnitzel). note: it seemed acceptable to not finish it and take it away in a figmuller doggy-bag. worth experiencing.

    happy eating!

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      The correct name is Mraz&Sohn:

      Coburg is definitely one of the three top places in Vienna, the other two are Meinl am Graben and Steirereck. All three and Mraz are in the "very expensive" category...

      For less expensive and still great food - with outdoor dining options - try:
      Finsterer Stern on Schulhof
      Hollmann Salon on Heiligenkreuzerhof:
      Kutschker44 in Währing:

      Classic Viennese food in a great ambiente:
      Eckel in Sievering:
      Pfarrwirt in Heiligenstadt (in an 800 year old fortfified house):

      On Pfarrplatz is also one of the best heurigen restaurants:
      Mayer am Pfarrplatz:

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        Thanks so much Strumi and Marcus James,
        I'm really looking forward to Vienna and the many food, wine and dessert offerings available. I hope to find some real gems..... Porto

      2. re: marcus james

        I seriously disagree with regard to Figlmuller. The schnitzel was big, all right, but was dry and flavorless, like cardboard. You would hardly know there was meat inside the breading. One place I would highly recommend is Plachutta Wollzeile. They specialize in Tafelspitz, and offer a choice of many different cuts of beef. The quality is high, and though there may be even better places for Tafelspitz, I doubt there are any that have the variety that Plachutta offers.