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Jun 9, 2008 11:36 AM

Anyone have any rec's for menu items at WD-50?

Having dinner tonight and wondering what to order...thanks!

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  1. I liked the bone marrow. Loved the foie gras, that even my friend who's obsessed with it, had a foodgasm. The smoked eel was interesting. As for dessert, you can never go wrong there. They're all sublime!


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    1. re: chocokitty

      Thanks! I will steer towards the definite loves and keep the "interesting" eel for next time.

    2. I am going to WD-50 tomorrow night, myself, and would love recommendations on the current menu too. Also, debating whether to do the tasting menu right now, or do ala carte? Any thoughts?

      I have loved the recommendations I've gotten on WD-50 items from chowhounders in the past, and would love some new ones.

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      1. re: catherinejones

        Went about 3 weeks ago and did the tasting, the portions are to small. You barrely test the food. I recommend the a la carte menu.

        Dessert did not taste good at all


        1. re: melikeee

          The food overall was not that great. The bone marrow was horrible. They turned it into some sort of "custard" but it was grainy like they had mixed it with potato or something. All of the sexy texture and flavor of bone marrow was completely gone. Very sad.

          Had the lamb loin, it was decent but my eyes didn't roll back in my head or anything.

          The corn pudding for dessert was SOOOOOOOOO good. Very comforting even though it has modern twists. I would go back for dessert in the future but the savory food was not impressive.

      2. I went in December, and did the tasting menu. I would highly recommend going this route. We got to have to excellent - eggs benedict, lamb belly, pickled hamachi - while still having a few of the interesting mixed in. Dessert was excellent, I'm shocked to hear displeasure about it. Enjoy!

        1. So, we went and got the tasting menu. I have to say, I didn't like it very much. I've had some great meals at WD-50 and this was not one of them. And, given the price, it was a real disappointment.

          The tasting menu consisted of

          Barramundi - this was fine, good, not fantastic.

          Pizza pebbles - I thought this was horrible - very dry, no flavor. I couldn't finish mine, and it was a very small portion.

          Knot Foie - again, not very good -very, very dry. a real disappointment.

          hamachi tartare - by far the best thing of the night, but, not very interesting - just very, very tasty.

          eggs benedict - i enjoyed this. though, really, it just tasted like eggs benedict (though it looked very different, admittedly).

          crab tail, soybean noodles -- the biggest disappointment of the night. flavorless fresh alaskan crab - how is that possible? this dish proves it is. i had high expectations and it was almost inedible.

          chicken liver spatzle - again, very dry, strong flavor (chicken liver) but a very light version of it, which I enjoyed and found interesting. but, still, not very tasty and very, very dry dish.

          beef tongue - fine, but really nothing special.

          the wine pairings were wonderful, and i agree that the desserts are sublime. the tasting menu, however, had only one hit (hamachi tartare) and an endless number of misses. i would not recommend getting it in its current form at all. take the recommendations of others and order ala carte.

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