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Jun 9, 2008 11:13 AM

Recs for dinner near or in the Civic Center area (in S.F.)

we'll be dining on a Tuesday evening (4 of us). Looking for good food that is not too expensive and fairly casual. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Check out Zuni Cafe, Absinthe, Zupenkuche, the Italian place across the street from Absinthe--sorry, can't remember the name (something like Stella Della or Della Stella, maybe). Jardiniere is there but it's more formal and expensive but great!

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    1. re: bobpantzer

      Stelline? Is it any good?

      Hayes Street Grill, Bistro Clovis on Market St.

      1. re: Xiao Yang

        I would go to farmer brown for some great comfort food in a "trendy" setting. The short ribs are great and I liked the fried oysters and okra starter.


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        Suppenkuche is a great place - Hayes & Laguna. Delicious and reasonably priced German food.
        Paztxi's pizza is good deep dish pizza on Hayes & Octavia.

      3. Some of the above choices may be too spendy or not casual enough.

        I do like the Suppenkuche suggestion - its at the corner of Hayes & Laguna.
        Bar Jules @ Hayes just west of Laguna Next door to Suppenkuche
        Even more casual is Patxi's Pizza on Hayes near Octavia. Deep dish, pretty good, price is right. It is a sit down place with waiter service etc. Not a slice place.

        1. Il Borgo is a great little Italian restaurant that is family run. It has a lot of charm and the prices are very reasonable. It is on Fell and Laguna.

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            I've really enjoyed Il Borgo too.

            Bodega Bistro on Larkin has great Vietnamese food at a modest price (considerably less than most of the options near Symphony Hall and the Opera House).