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Jun 9, 2008 11:12 AM

Thai in White Plains, Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

Dear owners, friends, or casual acquaintances of Sripraphai (Queens), Joya (Brooklyn) or any decent Thai establishment :

White Plains is centrally located in Westchester County. It has many thousands of workers looking to eat out for lunch every day. It has many thousands of residents, many NYC transplants, looking to eat out many nights a week. Many of these people are sad. They are sad because there is no decent Thai joint in our city.

There are many examples of great little Thai places thriving in the outer boroughs of NYC; places that are very well thought out, very reasonably priced, and that have lines around the corner even on off days. White Plains would like to adopt one of them. Maybe we can be your new home?


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  1. Add Vietnamese to that list as well, pretty please!

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    1. re: jeanki

      If a Vietnamese shop opened up in White Plains, I'd be there all the time! I am from Vietnamese descent and have found NOTHING in Westchester. Do you know of any? I only know NYC and one in Rockland County (Saigon Restaurant).

      I wish a good thai place would open up in WP also. Reka's is not awful, but not good by any means either.

      I could rant on about the limited choice we have in WP for a good lunch, but that's just me being nitpicky. :-)

      1. re: broosewee

        Yeah, as Thai food poor as we are in this part of the country, it still doesn't compare to how Vietnamese food poor we are. There's NOTHING in Westchester or Fairfield County worth anything Vietnamese. Only a few random dishes on some Pan-Asian menus which, as far as I have experienced, aren't worth their time and don't really reflect Vietnamese food.

        1. re: broosewee

          I will singlehandedly patronize anything near the quality of Sripahai to the point where I would go broke (although that may be impossible since they are so cheap) so that they could stay in business!

          Same goes for great Vietnamese.

          So, so sad our options in Westchester.

        2. You may want to check this out. Liz Johnson (Journal News) just ran a piece in her blog Small Bites reviewing a bunch of Thai places in the Lower Hudson Valley.

          1. Wizzapizza, your lament holds true for too long...anyway, you may want to consider Bao's in the old White Plains Mall...there are Asian dishes on the menu including Thai specialties.

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            1. re: gutreactions

              LOVE Bao's- menu is in my quick draw holster. Don't really see it as a Thai place though, even after re-reading the menu.

              1. re: Wizzapizza

                yeah i've tried their 'thai food' and it wasnt really thai tasting. asian temptation serves a few thai items as well, passable but nothing great. rekas is awful.

            2. Like you I bemoaned the absence of great ethnic cuisine when I moved to Westchester from Woodside Queens. I was used to the likes of Sripraphai (a few blocks away) and Wondee Siam on 9th Ave in Manhattan. After trying most of the Thai places in Westchester and Rockland, I have two great recommendations:

              1. Garlic and Pepper: 90 Yonkers Ave. Tuckahoe. Excellent food, huge menu, friendly staff. The lunch menu keeps bringing me back. Its a steal at $7 (for all dishes) and includes salad or soup and an extensive selection of Thai favorites (very large portions). I recently went to Thai Angels (in Mt Kisco) and was struck by the comparison. Although the lunch at Thai Angels was acceptable, it was more expensive, had limited selection and left me hungry.

              2. Thai Garden: 128 Cortland St. Sleepy Hollow. No lunch. Strange hours. Excellent food and ambiance at reasonable prices.

              Both of the above restaurants offer unusually good vegetarian offerings. In fact, these are also my first two choices for vegetarians in Westchester.

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              1. re: budinado

                Garlic and Pepper was the worst when it first opened...I do hope it has improved.

                1. re: gutreactions

                  Anytime I'm craving Thai and don't feel like trekking into the city, Garlic & Pepper is my old standby. They will make as authentic as you want, so you as you ask for it.

              2. Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich!

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                1. re: mrgaga

                  Kit's Thai Kitchen (High Ridge Road) and Galangal (Atlantic Ave.) both in Stamford.

                  1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                    There is a relatively new place on Railroad Ave in Greenwich called Thai Basil. My friend who works in the area gets some kind of box lunch from there that she raves about. I haven't been yet, but can't wait to try. I agree with the dearth of interesting cuisines in White Plains. The great diversity of cultures and ethnicities is part of what drew me to live in the area. This unfortunatley isn't apparent in the food selection here. I keep waiting (sorry) for Reka's to go out of buisness and for someone to take over and make that place a thai wonderland. It's such a great little spot and such a shame what goes on there that passes as a restaurant business.

                    1. re: momof3

                      Is Thai Basil the same as the one in NYC on 10th or 11th Ave. in the 50's? Happened to have been there yesterday, we both had a thai iced tea and 3 appetizers and was amazed that it was less expensive than the Thai places in WP or NR ($20 for everything). I'm for that!

                      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                        I just called them, seems that they are different. I did find an online menu though