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Jun 9, 2008 11:11 AM

Cambridge Brewing Co.: Falafel or Tofu Burger?

I am going to dinner tonight at the Cambridge Brewing Company - have never been, but it does not appear to be a board favorite.

I also accepted a bet that I could be a vegan for a month. So from my look-see at the menu, my choices are the falafel/hummus wrap or the Asian tofu burger, minus the aioli. Anyone care to point me in one direction or the other? Also, spicy Asian vegetable spring rolls? Worth it? And are the fries good?

I'll take feedback on the L'amour du jour vs cerise cassee seasonal beers, if you're offering, as well...

I'm sort of making every meal count these days. Had a wonderful experience at Rendezvous last night...

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  1. I've not had either, but have been their with people who have (I wouldn't normally post heresay, but I figure you might have trouble finding Chowhounds that have even these). The falafel was by no means authentic, but the dressing was good and overall compared favorably to falafel in the area (unfortunately, that comparison group includes some pretty dismal falafel). One person I know really likes the veggie burger (I think that's referring to the same as the tofu burger), mainly for the wasabi sauce (which may be vegan). So neither was a ringing endorsement, but no major complaints.

    L'amour du Jour is nice, sessionable, some unusual florals. Cerise Cassee is pretty sour - I'd recommend it only if you're into sour styles. Haven't had either recently.

    1. Go with the tofu burger. The falafel is weird and tastes of sesame oil. The fries will be the best part of your meal.

      1. I like the falafel, though they put hummus in there too (which is usually made with too much sesame oil). Fries are nothing special.

        I find the L'amour du jour a bit boring - cerise cassee is very tart/sour this year - mix it down with some porter and it would be delicious (which may just be like Pisser Mauvais?).

        1. I'm a meat eater and regularly enjoy the falafel hummus wrap. For some reason, I also really love their pizzas (I moved to Boston from New York about a year ago and its the only pizza I really enjoy here, even though it's certainly not 'NYC style'); you could get those without the cheese/meat.

          While they don't have the greatest food, at least they try, I'm guessing that many chowhounders are also beer lovers, and their hoppier beers or imperials are almost always good.

          1. I have returned from dinner... underwhelmed. I went with the falafel/hummus wrap, and can confirm that indeed there is too much sesame oil in the hummus. But that didn't bother me. What bothered me was that it was served on a cold stale lavash. Now this may just be a pet peeve of mine - but do restaurants realize how much tastier than can make bad tortillas/lavash/pita/wraps taste by simply heating them up? Also, the falafel was more like a fried glob of hummus than any falafel I've had... that said, I enjoyed the fries (guilty pleasure), and am writing this post with Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Vanilla (shockingly good) topped with farmers' market strawberries and the rhubarb-ginger jam I made over the weekend... so all is well in the Jedahome. I appreciate the suggestions, and if I'm ever back there, maybe I'll try the tofu burger.

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              I tried to warn you. :) The beer and fries are the best part of CBC.