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Jun 9, 2008 11:11 AM

New Winebar at 119th and Nall? Or great place for small plates in JoCo? (Leawood, KS)

We are attending a winetasting at Lucas on 135th on Sat night. Afterwards our group would like to find a place nearby to enjoy some small plates and nice wines? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Are you talking about Treza Vino in Leawood, KS?

      1. I don't know the name of the wine bar but yes it would be in Leawood,KS in the new retail just west of California Pizza Kitchen just before Nall. Last time I went to the Learning Tree I noticed it was open.

        Sorry I didn't specifly label this post with a KC but 119th and Nall and JoCo are easily identifiable to anyone that lives in KC metro.

        Thanks, D

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        1. re: dmatt

          I checked out the menu when we walked by on our way to Ingredient (Yay for that being open now!) and the menu looks intriguing, at least to me. The blackberry creme brulee with basil sherbet is sticking out in my head for some reason. It seemed a bit pricy, and definitely not a casual environment- fyi. I think the spelling was Trezo Vino. Here's the website for reference:

          1. re: Katie Nell

            I went there about six weeks ago and the food was excellent. I had sea bass and scallops that were just lovely. Everyone else in our party was happy with their dinners. Great place.