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Jun 9, 2008 11:08 AM

New Orleans Ice Cream Company

What happen, I picked up my to favriote flavor (Praline Crunch that now tasted like butter pecan and Creole Cream Cheese that has no flavor at all) at Rouses in MidCity today. Has anybody else notice this. I'm wonder about the other flavors. New style containers and totally different flavors. Whats up.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Bought some of the Creole Cream Cheese a few weeks ago and was sadly disappointed. Almost acidic taste, barely touched it. Very different from my previous purchases.

      1. From what I gather, I think they knew they had some problems with the Creole Cream Cheese...try it again. I love their Coffee Ice Cream. And sorry Randy but I'm always skeptical about someone's first post that is a slam....especially against a local company trying to make it.

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        1. re: Tchoupitoulas

          If it was something like a single bad batch (which as someone who used to work in the food business, I know it can happen), and you have had a good Creole Cream Cheese, Tchoupitoulas- I'm willing to give them another shot. Let you know after the weekend.

          1. re: Tchoupitoulas

            I got two pints of the CCC at Dorignac's this morning and had some for breakfast. It tasted as it should and even reminded me of the CCC that K & B used to carry.

            1. re: Jeeves_too

              I just bought three different products of New Orleans Ice Cream the Praline Crunch still taste like butter pecan, Coffee was good and CCC still taste more like cheese cake then creole cream cheese.

              1. re: Jeeves_too

                Glad you liked the CCC Jeeves!!! I don't know that I have ever had ANYONE's CCC ice cream. Will have to give it a shot. Can't wait until it gets to the Lafayette area!! And I don't mind the Praline Crunch tasting like butter pecan...I love both!