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Jun 9, 2008 10:59 AM

The BIG ONE, what to eat...

Was previously posted here:

Anyone know of a source of food and food storage equipment for long term disaster preparedness in Southern California? I'm looking for the big cans of stuff like beans, rice, other stable food items. Also looking for DIY supplies like buckets, mylar bags, etc. So far, no luck. Major Surplus advertises stuff, but it's not available...I checked.

Any ideas appreicated.

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  1. Go to Costco and buy either big cans, or flats of stuff. Iris "Fart and Smile" is also a good source of bulk storable food products. Seriously, also consider a bit of bulk candy, like chocolate bars (Hershey's in bulk, in a pinch), and those little hard sweets. Good for a quick burst of energy. Don't forget to pack a few can openers in your kit (yes, a few. What if one breaks?) You can also get, from camping stores, stable fod and meals that "cook themselves" in the box. Sort of like microwave meals without the microwave. Some sort of chemical reaction pack that provides the heat. I've seen everything from beans to lasagne dinners. (check with REI or online)

    Pack it all in a really big cooler or chest. Remember, chances are you really won't need weeks and weeks of food. The US isn't perfect, but things recover to semi normal here a lot faster than other countries. Oh, and bottled water DOES have a shelf life.

    Buckets and mylar? not foodie kinda stuff, but I'd aim you again at Costco, or perhaps a good hardware store? Maybe a boat supply store.