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Jun 9, 2008 10:56 AM

Celebrity Pizza in Watertown...mmmmm

Today is a beautiful day so i decided to forgo the company cafeteria and head across the street to Celebrity for lunch. I had the special(2 pepperoni slices and a coke) and a medium Javaberry soft serve. The pizza was really good. It was covered in pepperoni and the crust was super crispy and toasty like I like it. It was my first time trying the Javaberry. I heard so many other hounds mention it that I had to try it for myself. It was delicious. Cold, creamy, sweet, and utterly refreshing. I never thought coffee and berry flavors would mix so well. I might just have to head over there again tomorrow for another round.

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  1. Javaberry is indeed delicious - I was hesitant to order it, because of the seemingly bizaare flavor combo, so I ended up om-nom-nom-nom-ing my friend's cone because it was so tasty.

    1. Can that pizza possibly be better than Stella's down the street? Had a slice there today while my car was being inspected.....

      1. Had my first (of many) dipped JaveBerry of the season last night. So good, and much closer to me than Dairy Joy.

        1. I tried the Javaberry cone once and wasn't impressed, but I will say that Celebrity has the best twist cone I've had in years. It's worth the Zipcar rental just to go over and grab a cone on a sultry summer night.

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            It is about 5.5mi round trip for us, so the GF pointed out that biking over will make for a perfect guilt free desert this summer.

          2. For those who are not that into Javaberry, I highly recommend the pistachio soft server. So good especially on these hot days!