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Jun 9, 2008 10:56 AM

Best Jerk Marinade in Toronto

Any recommendations where I can buy a good Jerk marinade for home cooking. I'm not looking for explosive heat, just good all around flavour.

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  1. It's probably not the most authentic, but PC's memories of Montego Bay, I really like. It's nice and tangy. get that at Loblaw, No Frills, obvoiusly.

    I also like the Grace version. that's at all the big stores as well.

    1. I use Walkerswood Traditional Jerk Seasoning. It is one of the closest I have found to authentic. You can find it in West Indian food stores as well as the ethnic food sections in some grocery stores--I believe I have seen it in No Frills.

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        Walkerswood is pretty good. Also Winston's Jerk if you can find it.
        As much as I love to promote Taste the 4th Sense on the Danforth - their prices are way over the top for Walkerswood. Try Kensington or even Wal-Mart believe it or not.

        1. re: ParsleySage

          Walkerswood, as well as several other jerk seasonings, can be found in the Lively Life Fine Food Shop (the one with all the spices) in the lower level of St. Lawrence Market.

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            Ha ya - The Instant Caterer or better know as The Instant Rip-Off.